What is going on in Newtown, CT? What’s the real story?


Reporter: Steven Henry

December 18, 2012


All of the ‘mainstream media’ mis-reported a lot of things to begin with. That alone creates a fog to try to piece things together. One video I just watched, I think, captures a lot of key points, which gives us some dots to watch and try to pull together. The links below are ones that I dug up to check his points. He seems to do a fair job of uncovering key facts.


Here’s that link:


Here are a few facts to keep our focus:

The Dad of the alleged ‘shooter ‘Adam Lanza’ is Peter Lanza. Peter Lanza is the Vice President of GE Capital – yes, that’s the same GE (General Electric) that is owned by the Rockefeller family (low-quality electric products by a corrupt family). Peter is also a partner in Ernst and Young.


Adam’s mom, Nancy Lanza, apparently was not a teacher, because her name is not on the school website as a teacher.  Some media said she was a teacher, but that is clearly not the case. What is still unclear is if she was a volunteer or not.

This site says she didn’t appear to be:


Other sources imply that she might have been… what’s the real story? I don’t yet know.


In other details: Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes are both scheduled to testify in the IBOR scandal – the largest bank fraud in US history. What are the chances of this connection? We need to keep praying that this scandal comes out and everyone involved is prosecuted accurately.


Peter Lanza is scheduled to testify in LIBOR scandal, along with Robert Holmes


Media ‘fog’:

As I’m sure you’ve seen, the media got a lot of things wrong, but now the independent reporters and eye-witnesses are starting to get some real facts out. Here’s what the ‘mainstream media’ has been doing:


Media Coverup – trying to blame it all on one shooter


Facebook Suspends Account For Questioning Official Narrative on Shooting


He was blocked for posting this photo:

** Editor’s notes: I haven’t been able to verify or deny the info on the picture, but I do find it odd the FB blocked him for this. I think there is something that needs to come out more on this as well.


Another odd questions – Why did this happen in the town of the author of ‘Hunger Games’? I don’t know, but I do find it interesting ~


An article that cuts through disinfo:

Why do so many gun control advocates secretly own and carry their own guns?


In conclusion: why is the ‘mainstream media’ changing the story so often?  Answer – they’re just employees and the elites involved in these crimes and scandals are writing the scripts for them.


Here is, what I believe, are 2 articles that really capture what’s going on behind the scenes.


>>> Mr. Bloomberg is a long-known criminal and is very heavily involved in trying to find some way to defeat the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Mayor Bloomberg calls on President Obama to take action on gun control

** Additional comments: The Clinton family is also on board with this to try to take American guns and are saying the talking points. Remember, it was just a few weeks ago that Hillary was caught as a murderer and fellow accomplice to David Petraeus.


Proof: UN Plans To Ban American Guns

** Additional notes: The Rockefeller family has been trying to use their gang of international ‘leaders’ to push their one-world agenda (along with the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs and many others) for a very long time. And, it should also be no surprise that the Vatican is in on this same scheme too.



So what do we do?

First off – don’t panic.

Secondly – keep your eyes and ears open to more than just the ‘mainstream press’.

And most importantly - keep praying for your family, your friends, your country, as well as studying God’s Word, getting ready to see God, and sharing His Word with those you meet. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing. ~ We’re praying that God gives you wisdom and open-doors to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ in these dark hours. ~


Thank you for caring and praying!


The INCPU news team -

friends of the honorable Jewish people

servants of Christ,

Steven Henry

~ Reporting for the Henry family




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