List of Companies and names profiting from the ‘War on Terror’


Ø Oil, gas, and energy companies – and co-conspirators

o   World Trade Organization

-         It’s no overstatement to say that this secretive 146-member nation body is the Global Government. They make the rules of the global economy—and they ensure that labor rights, environmental protection, democracy, and human rights don’t get in the way.

o   George H. W. Bush

-         Former US President – A true Texan, Senior’s got oil in his veins—from starting companies like Zapata Petroleum to his current job with the Carlyle Group. After launching Gulf War I, Bush pulled Kuwaiti strings for Chevron. He’s a former CIA chief, UN Ambassador, VP and Pres, but he’s always current in oil.

o   George W. Bush

-         ‘Criminal in Chief’ – (former) Petty Dictator, United States of America – Saudi ties and a whole ring of criminals to help him; His failings are no joke. As Texas governor, Bush executed a record 152 people. As ‘president’, he earned the US “the most hated nation” status. A failed oil exec, Jr.’s fraudulent election ushered in Endless War. You’re either with him or against him. What’s it gonna be? (sarcasm with a point)

o   Lee Raymond

-         Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil – Earth’s largest energy company and Jr.’s biggest campaign contributor is also to blame for countless spills, abuses, and evasions. Already well-placed to benefit from regime change in Iraq, top execs met with US-backed Iraqi opposition—just to guarantee their position.

o   David J. O-Reilly

-         Chairman and CEO of ChevronTexaco – Despite its warm-and-fuzzy façade, this mega-company rides a wave of violence, corruption, and cronyism to get its way everywhere from Ecuador to Iraq, Nigeria and the US. Having former director Condoleezza Rice on the inside and sending millions every year to Jr. GW helps too.

o   Ken Derr

-         Director, Halliburton & Citigroup, Former CEO, ChevronBiggest mouth in Big Oil, Ken admitted how much he would love Chevron to have access to Iraq’s oil. Derr presided over Chevron during its bloodiest years in Nigeria. Now on Halliburton’s board, he knows how ruthless you’ve gotta be to get the goods.

o   Philip J. Carroll

-         Former CEO, Shell Oil, USAAppointed to run Iraq’s oil industry American-style, Carroll and his oil buddies will make sure that the Iraqi people finally receive their long overdue oil wealth. Just like they did in Nigeria.

o   Ray Irani

-         Chairman and CEO Occidental PetroleumThe War on Terrorism definitely increases security for Oxy. US military aid to protect their operations in Colombia reached hundreds of millions in 2003. Resulting profits fund Oxy’s pay-offs to armed groups and ongoing human rights abuses.

o   The Lord John Browne of Madingley

-         CEO, BP Director, Goldman SachsBP made $41 million a day from price hikes and consumer fears due to the Iraq war. Lord of the Wells, Browne is waiting for that “future legitimate Iraqi government” to slip back in. Though he never had a problem doing business with Saddam before.

o   Charles R. Williamson

-         Chairman and CEO Unocal Corp.Can’t let human rights stand in the way of business. Unocal is famously cozy with dictators and repressive regimes past and present (including in Burma, Indonesia, and Afghanistan), and still shooting for the Afghan pipeline. And they hope we’ll forget their overnights with the Taliban.

o   Thomas Kean

-         Former Gov. of New Jersey; Director, Amerada-Hess – Now chairman of the 9/11 Commission, Kean’s joint venture, Delta-Hess, is a partnership with Khalid bin Mafhouz—brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden. Doesn’t that seem just an itty bit inappropriate?

o   Red Caveney

-         President American Petroleum InstituteRed poured over $1 million petrodollars into the Bush 2000 election, while API, the oil industry club he oversees, promotes destructive policies like increased drilling and hiding toxic release information. All in the name of “Energy Security.”

o   Zalmay Khalilzad

-         US presidential envoy to Afghanistan and IraqPreviously an apologist for the Taliban while serving Unocal’s Afghan pipe-dreams, Khalilzad has supported armed militants since the Reagan days. Now he’s the top US official in Afghanistan. How appropriate.

o   Frank Murkowski

-         Governor of AlaskaWithin days of 9/11, this then-Senator for Alaska began using the tragedy to try to squeeze oil out of the coastal plains of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the name of national security. Wonder if he gets oil money for his election campaigns?


Ø US Government Agencies and Officials in the corruption

o   Export Credit Agencies 

-         These government-funded banks give taxpayer money to war profiteers to build mega-projects for mega-profits. They also insure these projects against political instability (read: riots). See also: United States Agency for International Development (USAID). ECAs might just be the dirtiest secret of globalization.

o   Richard Cheney

-         ex-CEO, Halliburton (currently assigned to US Vice Presidency)As Secretary of Defense, he oversaw Gulf War I. As CEO, he earned Halliburton millions in Iraq. Then off to the White House with a $36 million thank you package. Then he brings us Gulf War II. Does he have a system?

o   Henry Kissinger

-         Architect of EvilFounder of nuclear gunship diplomacy, kingpin war criminal—Kissinger sets the standard. Wanted for terrorism and genocide in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus, Kurdistan. Where terror reigns, Henry was there.

o   Donald Rumsfeld

-         Former Secretary of Defense, Nixon adviser, 1970-1973 (oops)As Defense Secretary, he ushered in the B-1 bomber, Trident Sub, and MX missile. As Middle East Peace Envoy, he was at Saddam’s side (chemical weapons notwithstanding) when there was pipeline potential. Then he found an easier way to get the oil.

o   John Ashcroft

-         Former Attorney GeneralDriven by a volatile mix of radical dogma and corporate greed. Friend of the death penalty, enemy of women’s rights, architect of Patriot Acts I and II, he is now working hard to build the police state of his dreams.

o   Richard Perle

-         Former chair of Pentagon Defense Policy BoardA rabid hawk, this former Asst. Defense Secretary under Reagan now fronts for right-wing and corporate “think tanks” and manages Trireme Partners (with Kissinger and several Saudi industrialists)— an investment firm that profits from homeland defense. Nickname: “Prince of Darkness.”

o   Paul Wolfowitz

-         Former Deputy Secretary of Defense (sponsored by Northrop Grumman – Information Technologies)A chief architect of US Central Command, this former US Ambassador/Chief Apologist in Indonesia serves on the board of weapons giant Northrop Grumman and toy giant Hasbro. Get ‘em while they’re young, Wolfie

o   Tom Ridge

-         Former Secretary of Homeland SecurityAs Pennsylvania governor, Ridge signed countless death warrants, pushed 3-strikes laws, and used pre-emptive strikes and surveillance against dissent. Now, Ridge promotes the use of military for domestic police duties. Welcome to the Homeland.

o   Colin Powell

-         Former Secretary of StateMisrepresented as a dove, he defended massacres in Vietnam, oversaw Iran-Contra, and led assaults on Panama and Iraq (twice). Advocates “Total War” (a.k.a. kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out) and “Shock and Awe.” My, what big talons you have Mister Dove…

o   John Negroponte

-         US Ambassador to the United NationsWherever he goes, Negroponte leaves a trail of blood. Best known as US Viceroy in Honduras (1981-1985), he sponsored Nicaraguan Contras and Honduran death squads, shielding Congress from knowledge of the terror.

o   John Poindexter

-         Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects AgencyChief architect of Iran-Contra, he was once-upon-a-time convicted of conspiracy, lying to Congress, and destroying evidence. Current Czar of Total Information Awareness, he’s watching you. And your neighbor. And your mom. And your next move. Shhhhhhh.

o   Condoleezza Rice

-         National Security Advisor (sponsored by ChevronTexaco)Condoleezza shows up in all the right places: State Department, Rand Corporation, Hoover Institute, Strategic Nuclear Policy advisor to the Joint Chiefs, Chevron, and Transamerica Corp. boardrooms. Chevron even named an oil tanker after her. Truly.

o   Colonel Richard D. Downie

-         Shadowy Commandant of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, a.k.a. School of the Americas (SOA), a US Army academy that trains Latin American death squads in torture and terror—essential instrument of hemispheric military control.


Ø Heads of industry, finance, media, policy, and hype

o   The World Bank Group

-         Under the guise of “poverty reduction,” the WB funds massive international schemes like dams, power plants, and oil pipelines—and pays war profiteers like ExxonMobil and Unocal to execute them. Too bad about the tens of millions of people displaced along the way.

o   George Schultz

-         Senior Counselor The Bechtel Corporation Former Secretary of StateBest known for dumping nuclear waste on native lands and hijacking Bolivia’s water, now Bechtel’s scored big with the contract to “rebuild” Iraq. AND, they employ George Schultz and Caspar Weinberger. Did someone say, “revolving door?”

o   James Baker III

-         Senior Counselor The Carlyle GroupThis long-time Reagan-Bush crony now works for the folks who define “war profiteer.” Buys and controls oil, arms, and heads of state. By trading in blood, this Armageddon proponent ensures that the world will end with a bang—and with a few bucks in his pocket, to boot.

o   K. Rupert Murdoch

-         Chairman and CEO News Corporation Ltd.The owner of Fox “News” used the invasion of Iraq to propel shock-jock programming to new heights. Even CNN propagandists have been heard muttering, “this is going too far.” But they’re probably just jealous.

o   William Kristol

-         Chairman, Project for a New American CenturyThe brains behind the corporate warmongers, this think tank wrote the battle plan for the New World Order, modestly titled “Pax Americana.” Devotees: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearle, Abrams.

o   Robert J. Stevens

-         Director, Monsanto & President, Lockheed MartinRoll over, Chemical Ali. From Agent Orange to Roundup-Ready GMOs, nobody loves chemicals more or works harder to promote chemical dependence. Monsanto’s herbicides are essential to the “War on Terror” in Colombia. Shares board members with Lockheed Martin. Surprised?

o   Sanford ‘Sandy’ Weill

-         Chairman and CEO, CitigroupAs one of the world’s biggest financial institutions, Citigroup funds oil pipelines, racist predatory loans, biotech, deforestation, and prison construction. Their profits buy political favors, access to billions of taxpayer dollars, and those nifty billboards: “Live filthy, kill quickly.”

o   Lowry Mays

-         Chairman and CEO Clear ChannelOwns the radio station you like, the billboard on your corner, your bus stop bench ad—and sponsors the pro-war rally downtown. They decide what you see and hear. And what you see and hear is endless war.

o   Jon Hemingway

-         President Stevedoring Services of AmericaThis notorious union-busting cargo company is set to make oodles running Iraqi ports. Business is business. Coincidentally, Jon gives almost all his lunch money to the GOP. But there’s probably no connection.

o   Glen A. Barton

-         Chairman and CEO Caterpillar Inc.People don’t kill people— bulldozers kill people. When tanks and helicopters are overkill, bulldozers make the perfect kill (see Palestine). CAT makes its own killing selling killdozers to Israel and other military states. [Editor’s Note: Are they blaming Israel for something? Or just their corrupt government? Because big businessmen control and manipulate the government, not the honorable Israelis…]

o   Michael D. Capellas

-         Chairman, President and CEO MCI (formerly WorldCom)Recently WorldCom was fined $500 million for accounting fraud (a historic record). Now the government is giving MCI your tax dollars to build Baghdad’s wireless network. The moral: If you get caught stealing, change your name.

o   Thorne G. Auchter

-         CEO, Grace News NetworkGrace News Network’s mission is to “change the news” to reflect the Kingdom of God and His purposes and to “proclaim the Good News about what God is doing today.” Is it a miracle that the US contracted Grace to support Arabic TV news in Muslim Iraq?

o   David Novak

-         Chairman and CEO Yum! BrandsThis Pepsico spin-off houses KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, etc. They supply junk food to schools in the US and to allied forces abroad, giving our boys and girls the energy they need to do the job. Now that’s patriotism. (sarcasm)



Ø Military and Defense Contractors

o   International Monetary Fund

-         The IMF paves the way for the World Bank by coercing poor nations to restructure their economies for easy corporate access. The recipe is simple: privatize resources, remove worker protections, flood markets with imports, and slash social spending. A powerless nation is easy prey for “free” trade.

o   Joe Lopez

-         Senior VP, Government Ops Kellogg, Brown & RootThis former admiral once ran US Command in southern Europe. At KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, he negotiates to run military bases in Uzbekistan, to build prisons for the Taliban in Cuba, and to put out oil fires in Iraq.

o   Thomas W. Rabaut

-         President, CEO and Director United Defense Industries  UDI builds the Bradley fighting vehicles used to bury Iraqi soldiers alive and to fire the depleted uranium (DU) shells suspected to be a cause of Gulf War Syndrome. Largest shareholder: the Carlyle Group.

o   Jay Garner

-         President, SY Coleman Ex-Viceroy of IraqThis former Air Force general worked for Israel designing Arrow missiles. His company was recently bought by L-3 Communications (also owns MPRI). Demoted by the White House, now Paul Bremer, CEO of Marsh Crisis Consulting, is in charge of bleeding Iraq.

o   Vance D. Coffman

-         Chairman and CEO Lockheed MartinWorld’s #1 military contractor, responsible for the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes, F-16, F/A- 22 fighter jet, and Javelin missiles. They’ve also made millions through insider trading, falsifying accounts, and bribing officials.

o   Philip M. Condit

-         Chairman and CEO BoeingAside from 747s, Boeing makes “smart” bombs, F-15 fighters, and Apache helicopters. Boeing has paid tens of millions in fines for selling flawed parts that led to thousands of unnecessary landings and at least one fatal crash.

o   Daniel P. Burnham

-         Chairman and CEO RaytheonRaytheon means “light from the gods.” Makers of “Bunker Buster” bombs, Tomahawk and Patriot missiles, this company loves big noises and large civilian casualty counts. When a missile killed 62 civilians in a Baghdad market that was light from the gods.

o   Ronald Sugar

-         CEO and President Northrop GrummanMakers of the B2 stealth bomber, you’d think this company could stay under the radar. But they’re dogged by scandals—from bribing Saudi princes to charges of sexual harassment in the White House. Above board, their job is simply selling death.

o   Nicholas D. Chabraja

-         Chairman and CEO General DynamicsGD makes traditional F-16 jets, Abrams tanks, and Trident subs. With contracts in the billions, and new markets (read: wars) opening every day, they’re not as washed up as some may think.

o   George David

-         Chairman and CEO United TechnologiesThe name sounds like they make light bulbs—but UT, a.k.a. Sikorsky, sells Black Hawk and Comanche helicopters and various missile systems designed to inspire terror in civilians from ‘Palestine’ to Colombia to Somalia and beyond.

o   Sam Nunn

-         Director, General Electric & ChevronTexaco (to name a few) Former US Senator – Remember, “We bring good things to life?” Things like nuclear reactors, cancer clusters, and overpriced battlefield computer systems? Remember the fraud convictions? What, you didn’t see the stories on NBC? Maybe it’s because GE controls those airwaves.

o   General Carl E. Vuono

-         President, Military Professionals Resources IncorporatedWhere there’s conflict, there’s money to be made teaching the art of war. This cozy club of top-shelf mercenaries, all retired brass, educates killers from the Balkans to Colombia to the Persian Gulf.

o   Paul V. Lombardi

-         President and CEO, DynCorpThe world’s premier rent-a-cop business runs the security show in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the US-Mexico border. They also run the coca crop-dusting business in Colombia, and occasional sex trafficking sorties in Bosnia. But what can you expect from a bunch of mercenaries?