Bechtel - one of many corrupt corporations who made
billions of dollars in no-bid contracts in Iraq.


Editor's notes: Bechtel is a subsidiary of the Rockefeller Oil Monopoly. They are one of the top international examples of international corporate corruption. Have a look for yourself.

Bechtel has been working for decades to build an oil pipeline from the oil fields in Iraq, through the Golan Heights, into Europe where the European big banksters can backhandedly gain control of the oil market. Yes, all of this documented and has been confirmed to us by researchers and high level officials. If this subject is new to you, there are a couple of short articles you can read to catch up and be informed. For starters, you can read this article entitled: "
Why The Golan Squeeze?" by world-renowned author, researcher, and reporter Barry Chamish. But before you go, please make sure you come back and read the little clip below and check out the site below. Thank you ~ a-servant of Christ ~

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The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers

22. Bechtel

Bechtel is yet another Iraq contractor who seems to have benefited from close ties to the Bush Administration. How else would a company recommended by the man who oversaw the Big Dig disaster possibly be awarded a $2.4 billion, no-bid reconstruction contract for Iraq’s infrastructure? Journalists and competitors are scratching their heads at why the Bush Administration trusted the choice of USAID chief Andrew Natsios after his woefully ineffective tenure at the head of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. While in that capacity, the Big Dig’s operating costs ballooned from an initial $2.6 billion to $14.6 billion, and the job still took years to complete!

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