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This is a re-posting of an informative article about what caused the Indonesian tsunami.
The author, Joe Vialls, was dead five months after writing the following.
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Why I say the Tsunami earthquake was generated intentionally.

by Dick Eastman

Beneath India and between Madascar and Sumatra lies the Mid-Indian Ocean
Ridge where new sea floor adds to the ocean crust of the Indian-Austrailian
techtonic plate and spreading the entire plate to northeast where at its edge
it is bent and crammed under the crust and mantle of Eurasian plate in a
process called subduction where tremendous forces progressively build up
as potential energy which is then released as the rock breaks and shifts
beneath the Eurasian plate. The Indo-Austrailian plate bends downward at
the Java trench west of Sumatra -- in fact Sumatra is merely a mass of
material pushed up by the subduction process. Here the downgoing slab is
subjected to a system of forces that cause it to break up not all at
uniformly, but according to the direction of forces, temperature, depth and
strength of the crustal material. The release of seismic energy originating
in the subduction region is constant over the years, since the rate of
extrusion of new oceanic crust from the Mid-Indian-Ocean Ridge is fairly
uniform, but the process of subduction does not happen at a uniform rate or
all at once. Subduction slips at two different locations along the Java
Trench will suggest that a length between these locations will be the next
to go. The amount of strain on a region -- the proximity of a seismic event
-- can be estimated, lending to earthquake prediction -- BUT EVEN MORE
IMPORTANT, manmade seismic events can be added to the picture to actually
determine the precise time and extent of a release of seismic forces.

Here is how I believe that was just done.

The location of released energy, called the earthquake focus, is the point
from which seismic waves radiate out through the volume of rock in all
directions. The earthquake focus can be precisely located by analysis of
the timing of the seismologic readings taken from various locations. With
this technique the size and shape of the subduction zone can be determined
-- including the probable foci of future earthquakes. But just as an
earthquake can generate waves of a given pattern, so too can a potential
earthquake be triggered by producing the seismic waves at points away from
the focus. A series of underwater explosions (large bombs) each at
different points from the desired earthquake focus where forces strains are
known to already be high, can create seismic waves that can be placed at
such distance that the peak of each bomb-induced wave reaches the intended
earthquake focus at exactly the same time, so that wave peak will add to
wave peak creating the shock that will trigger the planned seismic event, in
this case the mass-murder earthquake and tsunami that has just taken, at
last report, 44,000 lives.

The earthquake that produced the Tsunami was generated by a series of
submarine explosions spaced and timed in such a way that the force of the
wave combined at the targeted focus point to trigger the earthquake -- a
much bigger earthquake that otherwise would have obtained by natural
(unaided) geological process.

The Tsunami has distracted the world from Iraq war crimes, American
strategic defeat, and from Rumsfeld's latest slip confessing that Flight 93
was shot down and the implication that 911 was a mass-murder frame-up

The Tsunami has been a perfect advertisement selling the globalists new
international Disaster Prevention treaty -- more loss of national
sovereignty and the official legal turnover of weather and earthquake
control to private hands -- the global elites seeking their own private
benefit -- under negligible puppet UN oversight.

The Tsunami diverts first aid and relief from Iraq where the Zionists at the
Pentagon -- who are in fact, war criminals by deliberate choice -- do not
want it to go.

The world will be ready to sign away its national sovereignties to globalist
disaster controls, just as quickly as Americans were ready to sign away
their freedoms to buy anti-terrorism controls following the 911 inside-job
false-flag frame-up.

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