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Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, and fellow prayer partners,


Are you one of the Christians who were glad that Hobby Lobby and their corporate friends opened a Bible museum in Washington DC? Well, we thought we were too, until we got to see it for ourselves. The Green family (owners of Hobby Lobby) did not do what they said they were going to do. What they made is not a Bible museum - it's mostly something else. It looks like their foremost message is to promote the Vatican as the spiritual leader of religion around the world, and to try to make Jerusalem the spiritual hub for every religion, while letting the Jewish people have a little part of their capital city too... and of course, the Green family included the perverted art work of the Catholic "church" too.


Is there a good side? Not so much. They have very few actual helpful artifacts, and a whole lot of dishonest commentary about the Bible, Israel, and history. To get in, it is strongly requested that you pay $20 each. And you have to go through security before you even get to the ticket counter, because the museum has some old Bibles, old pieces of pottery and some old coins and jewelry. On the ceiling of the first floor, there is a high-quality LED screen that goes through nature scenes, pictures of the frescoes and stained glass windows on some fancy Vatican cathedrals, and other things like that. There is a real stained-glass window of Jesus – that one is a pretty nice picture. They also have some LED screens playing different mini movies that talk about various different topics – mostly about the Bible, the manuscripts, and the history of the Bible. It’s interesting to watch the visitors to the museum. People come from around the globe to see this – thinking it is an actual Bible museum. Some people are so euphoric as if they were walking through God’s Land of Israel, but some people are quickly assessing the various messages and noticing the contradictions. The fourth floor is their best, because it shows some Bible history and displays many really old Bibles from around the world… but it also shows some of the new blasphemous “translations” as though they are credible, and of course they promote the Vatican’s corrupt texts – Vaticanus B and Sinaiticus A Codices (plural of codex). They even have a few comic book versions of the Bible… as though that is a way to accurately portray the Bible… but if you look at them very much, you see they contradict the Bible just in how the drawings portray the comics.


The museum has many different types of displays – from short videos or brief series of pictures depicting Vatican history to sections where they are displaying manuscripts of the Bible, including featuring the dishonest Codex Vaticanus clippings. Every video they have contains a story from the Bible that they have altered to be their own version of that Bible story. Maybe some people choose to be okay with that and to overlook the errors and say they just don’t know how to rightly interpret the Bible – but that’s clearly not the right or honest assessment. There are also many types of evidence that point to more troubling motives for displaying and teaching these Biblical errors. Unfortunately this short report can’t list many of those concerns – this is only the short notes. So, let’s go through each floor on this short text-guided tour.


1st Floor – promotes the Vatican’s library and museum in Vatican City (Italy), and pretends that the Vatican is honest and wholesome and helpful to the world and protectors of the Bible and history of the world. Please don’t forget the Vatican planned and did the “Inquisitions” of the 300s AD, 1100s to 1300s, and in the 1800s and 1900s. We assume the reader of this report knows that during the “Inquisitions” the Vatican was working to destroy honorable families who actually love and protect the Bible and its manuscripts, many of whom were actively making accurate copies of the Bible – from the Waldensians to the Puritans and Separatists. If you read very much, you start to realize that the real history of the Vatican has been violent persecution of Christians and trying to burn all of the Bibles to keep it out of the hands of the common citizen. The Vatican wanted to control the communication between the people and God, and to control the people to keep them under the thumb of wicked and abusive tyrants, such as monarchs and dictators. The Vatican has been the enemy of God and the freedom God gives – not the protector of it. The Vatican was burning many honest copies of the Bible, because it didn’t have the corrupt alterations that they demanded – trying to change God’s Word to stories so that people couldn’t hold them accountable for their crimes against God and man. But… you won’t find that honest history at this “Bible” museum – just a promotion of how wonderful and pure the Vatican is and has been in replacing Jesus on earth.


The Book of Revelation talks about the Vatican being the wicked woman who rides the beast during the up-coming and actual literal 7-year Tribulation – drunk with the blood of the saints that they martyred and full of every abomination, including mixing all of the pagan false teachings and idols of the world with their vile version of “Christianity”. If anyone can ever get an honest definition of the word “cult”, the Vatican will be at the top of the list.


2nd floor – This floor supposedly represents how much the Bible has “influenced the world”… and then proceeds to contradict the Bible by pretending that “honorable mentions” in the culture from the Bible are equal to honest salvation or “Christianization”. Among these supposed influences are “evidences” like an Elvis Presley album that had a slightly religious cover on it – despite the fact that Elvis was one of the NWO team’s favorite false teacher and bold sin-leader using song as his pulpit. Presley was a vile pervert and a strong drug addict who thought that singing a few hymns here and there would buy him enough indulgences to avoid the eternal Lake of Fire – he was very sadly mistaken. Another of their “evidences” was displaying tight sleazy clothing that a prostitute would wear (displayed on manikins) with supposed Bible scenes on them. Also on this second floor is a display of about 50 Catholic-styled historical pictures of “Jesus and Mary”, but at least three of those pictures they chose have a naked baby boy and it shows the parts. One of us asked one of the guards around that section, if he was a police officer – he said he is a retired police officer. We asked him if it’s illegal to have those types of porn on public display on the 2nd and 5th floors, to which he replied that it is “legal” if it is considered art. Wrong answer, sir. God does not approve of that.


3rd floor – This floor has 3 main sections: 1) Old Testament “Hebrew Bible Experience”, 2) the “World of Jesus of Nazareth”, and 3) the “New Testament Theater”. The Old Testament was a lot closer to the pagan mysticism and reduction of the Bible than to the actual Old Testament [Torah, HafTorah, and Ketuvim]* that point to the Messiah… it stopped way short of pointing to Jesus the Messiah. In fact, it instead focused on a general moralistic “good” and pretended that Judaism and Christianity were a step along the way to humans bettering themselves without God, and worse – that the history of the Bible is just another way to “find God”. The area that supposedly showed what the town that Jesus lived in was like reduced the Jewish culture to wine and olive oil and hospitality… decently designed and semi-accurate for a Jewish village, but way reduced. In their little version of the synagogue, Jesus was referenced, but He was reduced to a man of renown – certainly not the Messiah. The Third section of this floor was a video about the New Testament but it just told a story – no gospel. It sort of pretended that Jesus is the Savior of all – whether they know it or not, which is not the gospel at all – it’s a lot closer to pantheism or universalism… But that’s what the Vatican does best – telling lies that are difficult to catch, and promoting false religions to displace the Bible and to make sure that people can’t hear the truth.

*[Torah = first 5 Books of the Old Testament, HafTorah = the writings of God’s prophets, and the Ketuvim = is the “other writings” including Psalms and Proverbs.]


4th floor – This floor had lots and lots of Bibles in so many different languages – while also pretending that the Vatican is leading the way in getting the Bible into every language, which it is not doing. Still, it has many translations in many foreign languages, as well as a section where a few verses are read from different languages at random, as well as lots of scrolls of the Torah (first 5 Books of the Bible), and other scraps and manuscripts, and copies of the Tyndale Bible, Coverdale Bible, etc. This museum also promotes the pagan collection of historical and “forgotten gospels” called the “apocrypha” that the Vatican team wrote or gathered and has widely promoted, and pretended that it’s just “controversial”. Most of the “apocrypha” is blasphemous, with 1 or 2 of those being just historical. None of it should be put in any Bibles or translations. This floor also has videos from a drive-by “Bible guy” who promotes the Vatican and tries to cause doubt about the Bible wherever he can – obviously paid to do so.


5th Floor – This floor has is a collection of things. The first gallery is a Prussian dynasty family – the Stolbergs - that eventually intermarried with all of the evil royal families of Europe including the evil Stuart family who supposedly “protected” the Bible. If you read much of the plaques on the wall about these 7 “Noblewomen”, you find out that it is just a powerful family who were Countesses in the Roman Empire who promoted the Vatican false teachings from the 1504 to 1955. Then there’s another gallery where they pretend that the Vatican through the Renaissance in Florence has been the best at presenting the life of Jesus on stages for centuries… nope. Also in that section, they have some supposed paintings of Jesus and angels, etc. They really don’t say much about the pictures, but they do have one picture of a naked lady with wings (supposedly an angel, but Biblical angels are male, not female), and the other one is a naked guy with wings. The pictures are slightly shaded and lightly drawn so you don’t immediately notice that it is blatantly obscene.


The other main section on this floor is the section of Israeli Antiquities. That is a cool section – but only because of the artifacts. They have pieces of what they say is one of the temples, a few oil lamp artifacts, some Caananite and Babylonian artifacts, as well as some from Philistia, Phoenicia, Tyre, etc. The main problem on this section is all of the rewritten history. They spend most of the space hinting that the Canaanites were the primary and long-term inhabitants of the land. They greatly assist a prominent agenda of the Vatican to promote the Palestinians as the legitimate owners of the land as supposed descendants of the original Canaanites. Notice that this is in cooperation with the Israeli Antiquities Authority, who also regularly promote these agendas (by requirement of the Vatican and Rothschild oppressive regulations) to people who visit Israel. The Vatican uses this exaggeration against the Jewish people to gain power over part of the land of Israel along with helping the Palestinians to steal more of it for themselves. Israel – descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob – are the only people with a title deed to a piece of land given them by God.

Along with focusing on Canaanites, this gallery in the museum emphasizes the suggestion that Jewish people were less intelligent than the other peoples around them and just copied culture from the other peoples – especially Canaanites. When this gallery does mention God – they said that the “house of the Israelite god was built”. They emphasized El, Baal, Asherah, and others with proper names to show their respect to all of the false religions and their disrespect of the True God. They repeatedly pretended that God didn’t create the Jewish people - that they kind of “created” themselves from Egyptian and Canaanite families, and supposedly borrowed their Hebrew language from these other peoples. This gallery also regularly mocks the Jewish Temple practices that God set up for Israel, pretending that Israel was all secretly worshipping the same pagan idols of the nations around them – they just pretended to be different. A few plaques also pretend that Israel was just war-hungry and rebellious against noble empires – not acknowledging that the Caananite people had become so wicked (similar to the violence and vile sexual perversion and witchcraft/sorcery of Sodom and Gomorrah) that God raised up various means to stop the wickedness of Caanan from spreading elsewhere. All of the nations were opposed to and warred against the Canaanite cruelty and oppression in various ways and God  also used Israel specifically to put an end to the demonic obsession and perversion with God Himself doing miracles to protect Israel while God blessed Israel as the new owners of the historic Salem and land of Abraham, as examples of honorable living to the nations. That was an act of God’s love to keep the whole human race from falling to such base lifestyles of sin, but satan always portrays God as wrong and vengeful or as though He doesn’t care and is not involved. This section of the museum pretends God was not involved – Israel and the Jewish people just happened.


6th Floor – this floor right now is just a supposed Biblical restaurant… but it’s nothing outstanding, just overpriced food with a new name. And then there’s the supposed “Biblical garden”… but it’s just a patio for people to sit in. There are a few tiny plants – maybe herbs, but that’s about it. Currently no statues or anything other than a few plants and some water flowing down some plexiglass.


Final notes – There are many more topics to work through, and my sons have gotten details written down, so we hope to do a more thorough written report in the coming days, but this at least gives a short review to our brethren who watch and pray here in the US.