Rockefeller, CV, and the Global Plan (a transcript)


Editor’s notes: The following is a direct transcript of a citizen journalist reporting on the peaceful global protests against the stealing and thwarting of freedoms by the world government leaders, illegally and against their own rules of law. And yet, also violating major laws around the world, Google and her subsidiaries, and Facebook (a CIA project, that promotes itself a public platform) is banning videos of citizen journalists who are trying to tell you things the Vatican+Jesuits, the masons, the secret societies, the fraternities, the think-tanks, and their CIA and fakestream “news” and the rest of the NWO team are trying to keep *you* from knowing. This is a #RedAlert.


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I tried to list the words that this citizen-journalist posted on her screen as well as quoting the words in the clips and their video, verbal analysis. The many Fortune 500 corporations who hide behind the name of the conglomerate “Google” have taken this video down from Youtube, as well as many others like it in the last 5 to 10 years, but you can, possibly, still find it on vimeo.


In the transcript below, the words of individuals will be barely introduced. The name of the author of the video will be designated as #D-speaks. Some of you might recognize the person I’m speaking of. I don’t list the person’s name so that they do not get further harassed by illegal authorities acting as abusers instead of government leaders. Please pray for citizen journalists – the honest ones are a hunted group, but very important for pushing back the satanic tyranny we are watching. The fake ones can be mostly identified as they promote disinfo along with facts, and also in promoting the Jesuits, the fakestream “news”, and the false “prophets” of today.


~ Watching, Preaching, Praying, Steven Henry with the INCPU News team

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Start of Transcript – citizen journalism film is a total of 36 minutes and 53 seconds


On-Screen: Greenville, Mississippi

Evil Male officer: There’s an order from the government… your rights are suspended.


On-Screen: Columbus, Ohio

The visuals of signs saying “Quarantine + Lies are destroying our business of 2… and violates our [rights]. Another reads: We stand strong… parent. Another reads: Health & Progress do not equal tyrannical regulation. The subtext on the “news” reads: Coronavirus in Ohio, protests outside the statehouse.


On-Screen: Lansing, Michigan

April 15th (lots of people with signs on Michigan govt steps)

Reporter talking: We’ve seen a lot of folks who are saying they’re not doing that. They are here. They’re on the capitol steps, staging a more traditional protest here in front of the capitol building in Lansing.


On-Screen: India

Reporter voice: The police here have resorted to physical punishments for those who breach it.


On-Screen: Berlin, Germany

Voice on a bullhorn: After not listening to our demands to go home….  We must take your identity and make criminal charges. Listen to the instructions of the police…


#D-speaks: Hello YouTube family, it’s me ************. Today I want to show you a compilation of clips that is giving you a view of this lockdown that the mainstream will never show you. Perhaps some of you have already noticed that the talking head, Faucy, has quietly admitted in a scientific paper that the death rates that they originally claimed justified the actions we are seeing now, actually are on par with annual flu statistics. And perhaps some of you saw that the Chinese study that originally justified the harsh measures the world has since taken was retracted.  And they have released a new study that has completely different contagion rate on record. And it is a fraction of the original one stated. Maybe if you are still able to keep watching, you’ve noticed that the roll-out of the millions of deaths that they originally predicted has gone back to 80,000 and now even below 60,000, which again is on par with annual flu death statistics.


So if you are paying attention in these ways, perhaps you’re thinking, what is going on? Well, what if I were to tell you that there was a document released 10 years ago that completely foretold this entire scenario we are finding ourselves living in. What if I told you that that same document not only foretold the event, but its devastating economic after-effects. Would you want to know the stated goal of the document, as well as the stated vision of the people who are behind it?


I believe the entire world deserves to know as who benefits from its implementation, because it is not we-the-people. So, we will get into this document in-depth in just a bit, But first, let’s take a broader view and look at how this scenario’s roll-out has already begun, all over the world.


On-Screen: Northhamptonshire, England

Chief Evil officer speaking at a “news” conference: Three weeks on now, we’re starting to see that the vast, vast majority of the public here in Northhamptonshire are complaint. Sadly though, we have a small number of people who are persistently and consistently disobeying the law, and so that period of grace is over. This means for some people, fixed penalty notices. It means for some people – going to court. And it also means for some people will get a criminal record. So, we will not at this stage be setting up roadblocks. We will not at this stage be starting to martial supermarkets and checking the items in baskets and trolleys to see if it is a legitimate necessary item. But again, be under no illusion, if people do not heed the warnings and the pleas that I’m making today, we will start to do that.

> Name: Chief Constable Nick Adderley, Northamptonshire police [minute marker – 2:55]


On-Screen: United Kingdom

#D-speaks: As well in the UK, they are now using to ensure that people don’t drive their cars to the areas where they’d prefer to take their daily walk. That would be deemed, non-essential.


News-clip: The most essential thing here is that people do just take that one piece of exercise a day and limit the reasons for going out to no more than a weekly shop. The main thing is to ask people to stay home if you are taking an exercise, take that exercise if possible close to home.


On-Screen: Berlin, Germany

#D-speaks: Meanwhile in Berlin, people of Germany, perhaps because of the nightmare still fresh in their grandparents memories are protesting these obvious breaches to their constitutional rights, and even the elderly are facing arrests as a result. Oh, and by the way, their media is covering none of this. It is only showing them the same “fear the virus” media that we are getting here in America. This was sent to me from a subscriber.

Citizen News-clip. Evil officer saying: Please calm down, we only want your identity.

Random citizen: Did you swear an oath on the constitution when you started? Did you? And now you tread it underfoot? That’s exactly what you are doing!


Another scene. Evil Officer: Can you step away? Please step away a little. Please back up some.


Another scene. Evil Officer speaking on bullhorn: Attention. This is a very important note from the police in the Weilinger street and (other street name). The containment regulation restricts people. More than 2 may not meet together. It’s a criminal offense. After not listening to our demands to go home, we must take your identity and make criminal charges. Listen to the instructions of the police. It’s 3:57PM. End of announcement.


Another scene. Average citizen asks another average citizen: I have one question, why are you here today. The other citizen replies: Because of the overriding of our basic democratic rights. And the fact that we’re not even allowed to gather together with the proper social distance. Only few people even dare to open their mouths in a situation like this. I’m telling you, a mask is not a muzzle.


Another scene. Again, police on a bull-horn: crowd screaming, “basic rights” during announcement.


Another scene, officer talking to a lady. Evil Officer (male): You’re here on this place and in danger of spreading a virus. That’s why we are restricting. Lady: I’m a macrobiologist, do you really think a mask is going to protect you? Evil Officer replied: I don’t know if it protects me. Lady: Do you really think breathing in that is good for your health? Evil Officer: Do you think a discussion with… Lady: I’m a microbiologist. Evil Officer: yeah. Lady: I spend my time with parasites. Cell biology is my job. I don’t understand why we’re doing all this scenario, over something that can not even take place in the way that the media is saying.


Another scene, lady complaining against police: The kids can’t even go to school! Stop it! You can’t tell us what to do – this is our store.


Another scene, older lady speaking to police complaining against police: We are lost. If you destroy the basic rights, then we are going to be at the very bottom. We’re between the dispute of America and Russia.


Another scene. Officer illegally arresting a lady and telling a friend to back up.

Evil officer commands: Stop holding onto her, or you will come too. Stop pulling her… she is coming with us. Leave her alone. Crowd: Let the woman go! [lady is dragged off and illegally cuffed] Let the woman go!


On-Screen: Kenya, Africa

#D-speaks: At the behest of the world health organization, Africa has been warned to act now to take measures to contain the virus. They have begun enforcing their COVID curfew more strictly with the measure of tear-gas. [news clip playing on screen, people running from police who are illegally enforcing evil CDC non-binding “rules”]

Words on screen: Kenya started enforcing the curfew to curb the spread of coronavirus.  But crowds of people gathered to catch the last ferries out of Mombasa. The virus has been spreading slowly through Africa. But the WHO warned the continent needs to act now.


On-Screen: Australia

Live news report. Reporter lady: Well, police coast to coast will again raid parks, beaches and public spaces today, urging Australians to follow strict social distancing rules or face massive fines… You can go to a park and exercise. Or I can go and I can run laps, I can do push-ups and all. But we saw pictures yesterday, and there’s one in particular of a new couple with a newborn baby sitting on a park bench. And they’re being told to move on. What is allowed and isn’t allowed.

Evil Officer who’s enforcing evil and non-binding “rules”, replies: The reality is if you go out to exercise, then go and do your exercise, then go home.

Reporter lady:  So, finally. I mean, I went down to the park to do some exercise with the kids and I sat on the grass and let, you know, the 1 year old crawl around, and the 3 year old sort of run around me. Under these new rules, um, I’m not allowed to do that, is that right?

Evil officer: If everyone went down to the park at the same time, now it becomes a complicating factor… that do the kids have it [CV], or do you have it, without symptoms. And now you’re spreading it to someone else who comes in contact your kids.

Evil Officer’s name: Unknown, his badge is too small, and the media didn’t show his name in the clips played. I could tell that he seems to be the chief of police in Sydney, Australia; minute marker: 9:00


On-Screen: India

#D-speaks: Here’s some video footage from India during their three week quarantine with incredibly harsh enforcement.

On-Screen: Video footage shows an Evil Officers yanking the person around and beating a guy’s back and legs for violating his commands. Other clips show police beating people, only because they weren’t obeying the evil orders.

DW TV reporter: Police here have resorted to physical punishment for those who breach it. Footage has emerged from Mumbai of beating motorists with their batons, in multiple locations. At one point, police can be seen ordering locals to do squats. And they’re not the only ones they’ve been humiliating with like punishments. Some are made to do press-ups [push-ups] at the side of the street. This is a country of 1.3 billion people. It may have a little over 500 confirmed cases.


#D-speaks: [pauses report] Did you hear that? He just said only 500 cases and 1.3 billion people. Not even 500 died. 500 cases. Which we already know most of them are mild. So, we’re talking about, please I stink at math, but it’s something like .0000000038? or something?

On-Screen: .0000000038% of people have it.


#D-speaks: And they’re treating people like this? For their own good, right? Mhm.

[continues playing tape]

DW TV reporter speaking again: And the very low death toll compared to other countries. But it fears that other countries could follow China, Italy and Spain. Whether the methods that the police are using to stop that from happening, are the right ones, is another matter all together.


On-Screen: Brazil

#D-speaks: Dozens of protestors took to the streets of Sao Paulo to protest the social-distancing measures imposed by the governor of Sao Paulo, and their inevitable devastation to small businesses and forced unemployment.

Ruptly news clip, a citizen explaining the situation: Companies like mine are being closed. Thousands of companies and thousands of companies, millions are unemployed. He is committing a crime against small and medium-sized businesses in San Paulo, and all the population of San Paulo.


On-Screen: Dubai, UAE

#D-speaks: Meanwhile Dubai has implemented a very strict lockdown system in which people have to apply to go outside regardless of the reason. They are forbidden outdoor exercise, and people need police permission to buy groceries, medicine, to go to the doctor, or even to leave home for an emergency.


On-Screen: South Africa

 News-clip (DW news): We have joined the police patrol in the township. Wherever we go, everyone runs away, because they know they shouldn’t be on the streets and their afraid. The officers on duty seem anxious. They admit they can’t hardly keep these huge areas under control. The enforcement of the lockdown is anything but systematic, and appears random. This man couldn’t get away fast enough.

Evil officer: He’s supposed to be in his house. This is a lockdown. And you don’t have any reason to be outside. He’s been fined for 1,500 Rand – about eighty Euros.

News-clip (DW news) reporter: Do you have that kind of money?
Innocent young man: No, I’m not working. That’s why I was going to my brother, to take him food.


News-clip (DW news): The man says that during the arrest, he was kicked and beaten by the police behind the house. We couldn’t verify this from our position. A few blocks away, we meet a young woman who doesn’t want to show her face. She’s afraid she’ll be recognized. But she does want to show what the police did to her. [screen shows long baton-shaped welts/bruises on her legs. At least 5 of them, each of them longer than several inches and a light shade of black and blue.]


 These beatings just for being on the street. She says several officers stomped into her house and attacked her with sticks and whips. And all of this in front of her daughter.

Blurred lady’s voice, explaining what happened to her: It’s actually traumatizing because I have never been beaten up like that.

DW new reporter: The police defends their harsh actions in the townships.

Evil lady officer: If they don’t listen, then unfortunately those things happen. I’m not saying that it’s all right. And in some communities, that’s all the members of the public understand.

Evil Officer’s name: Mandy Lawrence, Cape Town Metro Police; minute marker: 12:50


DW news reporter:  Police fear the tension in the townships will worsen, the longer the lockdown stays in effect.


On-Screen: Moscow, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong


On-Screen reads – Vladimir Putin, Russian President.

Evil Vatican/NWO agent, Vladimir Putin reading from his pre-typed script: Despite the high risk level. The situation is generally under control.


On-Screen reads – 100,000 cameras: Moscow uses facial recognition to enforce quarantine

#D-speaks (translating Moscow mayor, Sobyanin, as he’s showing off his project to Putin):

Russia is using facial recognition to enforce their quarantine. By using high-tech surveillance where they use facial recognition technology. Cameras are monitored from a purpose-built coronavirus control centre, where images and personal details of those under quarantine are put into a database, so they can be recognized by the cameras, and monitored social media for “fake news” on the CV 19 statistics.


On-Screen shows Putin with his leaders looking around this high-tech CIA/KGB control room. One of those standing with him is Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow mayor.


#D-speaks (still translating): All the information gathered is shown here: contacts, email, telephone, employer and so on. Ninety-five percent of these people have been identified. Their location is determined, then we continue working with them.


#D-speaks: Russia is not the only country to enlist high-tech surveillance to battle this CV pandemic. South Korea. They too have been using surveillance cameras, mobile phone location data, and credit card records.  Taiwan is also using phone-location tracking, to ensure quarantined people stay in their homes. And in Hong Kong, those under quarantine are being made to wear location-tracking wrist-bands.


On-Screen: Columbus, Ohio, USA


News reporter: On the north side of the statehouse, by the entrance to the state room, the chants of protestors can be heard loud and clear.

Protestor chanting: open Ohio now.

News reporter: One of those voices outside the statehouse belongs to Jennifer France.

Jennifer-France: We feel like the virus is less of a danger to us than our rights being stripped from us. News reporter: She joined a few dozen protestors Thursday. Many holding signs, some wearing masks, as they criticize the state’s response to Covid-19 pandemic.

Jennifer-France: It’s just people like me that feel like their Constitutional rights have been violated. News reporter: Some say they are out of jobs. Others say they do not have info on what businesses are essential or not.

Louis Russo: I’m very appalled that they’ve done these things with the thought that, number 1: it’s okay, and number 2: that they are even allowed to do these things.


On-Screen: Lansing, Michigan


#D-speaks: Update, during the finishing touches of this video, April 15 (2020), thousands in Michigan have also descended upon their capitol to protest their loss of rights in this lockdown.


Channel 8 News host, Emily: You’re looking live at our state capitol, surrounded by protestors, this noon. Those descending on Lansing are upset with the governor’s executive orders that have forced many businesses to close. Political reporter, Rick Albin kicks off our coverage

Reporter Rick: Well Emily, there are a lot of cars, as you can tell, and they have been here since very early this morning. By 11 o’clock this morning, the place was filled. All these lanes were filled with cars. I’ve seen no police presence to move them along. All of this in response to the governor’s orders for people to stay at home.

Evil governor Ms. Whitmer: So unless it’s a life-sustaining thing, we are asking people to stay home.

Reporter Rick: And there are all kind of signs on cars that talk about liberty, and being locked down, and quarantined, and I need to work. So the governor, while she wants people to stay at home, is looking out the window, I’m sure she’s in her office, at this crowd of people who have come here today, to protest those very orders.

Channel 8 News host, Emily: Okay Rick, thank you for that…. Leon, what are you seeing?

Reporter Leon: The capitol steps, the scene of a protest. The whole idea here was that folks would stay in their car and participate in this gridlock. But we’ve seen a lot of folks who are saying that they’re not doing that. They’re here on the capitol steps, staging a more traditional protest here, in front of the capitol building, in Lansing. I want to show you one of the larger displays here. A huge sign that is out on the capitol lawn, it says: security without liberty is called prison. And we’re going to walk up here and give you an idea of the feel some of these people have.

Reporter Leon talking to Citizen1: First of all, tell us your name and what brought you out here.

Citizen1: Uh, my name is Joseph of Dixon, and I came out here to support the Michigan businesses, and stand up for the rights of our fellow Michiganders. We believe that the governor has over-reached and over-stepped her right with our freedoms.

Reporter Leon talking to Citizen1: Are you concerned about this virus?

Citizen1: I was in the beginning until I’ve done my research and found out the realities and the media’s over-reach on it, and that it’s not as serious as they made it out to be, and that’s why I am here. I feel that they are over-reaching, over-reacting, and crushing our small businesses, crushing our economy.

Reporter Leon talking to Citizen1: I see you are wearing a mask, so you appear to have some level of concern. 

Citizen1: Well I have concern, I have common courtesy for people. And I do have concern and respect for everybody.

Reporter Leon talking to Citizen1: What would you say to the governor if she’s listening right now?

Citizen1: I would say governor, open our economy on May 1st, and respect our rights and our freedoms.

Reporter Leon talking to Citizen1: All right, that’s a little bit of the sentiment we’re hearing here. A lot of these folks, hundreds of people, who are gathered here on the capitol steps, a number of them have signs. One here in the foreground, says recall Whitmer now. We see a number of American flags. Folks certainly having a political feeling that goes associated with this situation. It’s quite the sight here on the capitol steps. It’s cold. It has been snowy. But it’s not tempered down the spirit and the feeling that these folks have about letting their voices be heard in opposition to the governor’s executive orders, connected to the virus.


#D-speaks: Some have decided that what has been taken away from them makes protest worth it. Like this surfer in southern California, whose sign reads “Commies can’t surf”.

[KUSI News video] Young surfer: I’m out here protesting the fact that I cannot get in the water by myself, stay away from people, and enjoy the ocean, and surf, dive and swim…. No, I can’t go catch a wave. No. That’s illegal. I will get a thousand dollar ($1,000) fine or go to jail.


#D-speaks: But the largest cheer are pastors like these who have attempted to hold drive-in churches to be available for the needs of their congregation during a time of widespread fear and uncertainty. All the while the bought-and-paid-for media of course is portraying them solely as an endangerment to society.


Jon Duncan, Pastor Cross Culture Christian Center: We don’t believe the virus suspends the first amendment. And the first amendment not only protects the church, but it protects the press.


On-Screen: Greenville, MI. USA


#D-speaks: The pastor of this church had cleared with an attorney, his ability to have a drive-in church, but the police sent nearly 20 cars to stop it and let him know the new laws of the land didn’t include a first amendment.


>> Pastor speaking: City Greenville, on the church property. They got more police here than they do on the corner of Nelson St. I’m a pastor of a local New Testament church. Look at all the police cars. They heard through the grapevine that we were having services at 6:30. I’m a good citizen. I ain’t breaking no law. I ain’t selling no drugs. I’m just preaching the Word of God. And look at all of these police cars here.


Rock-CV-clip3.pngEvil officer spokesman: If there is a drive thru church, we are going to issue citations.

>> God-fearing African-American Pastor: Yes sir.

Evil officer spokesman: If there is a drive thru church service…

>> God-fearing African-American Pastor: We’ll get tickets.

Evil officer spokesman: … we are going to issue citations.

>> God-fearing African-American Pastor: Yes sir.

Evil officer spokesman: So, I’d just like issue a formal warning.

>> God-fearing African-American Pastor: Yes sir.

Evil officer spokesman: If you do have members come, we will allow them to leave before they are cited. 

>> God-fearing African-American Pastor: Yes sir.

Evil officer spokesman: If they decide not to, is when we will…

>> God-fearing African-American Pastor: Yes sir.

Evil officer leader: There’s an order from the government…

>> God-fearing African-American Pastor: Yeah.

Evil officer leader: your rights are suspended.

>> God-fearing African-American Pastor: No, our rights don’t come from authority. They come from the Bible. So the authority does not have the right over the Constitution. We’ve got a Constitution as law – the 1st and 2nd amendment, the [said a name we can’t make out, possibly Eric Simmonds] can’t take it away, the police can’t take it away.”

Evil officer leader: It can be suspended.

>> God-fearing African-American Pastor: It can’t. No, it can’t….


So, ya’ll, this is happening in Greenville, Mississippi. The poorest part of United States of America. More killing in Greenville. More drugs on the corner. And look where the police officers are at.  If you all would have told me this, that I would have experienced this as a pastor trying to preach the gospel, I wouldn’t have believed you all. If you all don’t wake up America, the police told me, our freedom can be revoked. He said he don’t care what the Constitution say, he don’t care about the first and second amendment. I’m talking about when you say you don’t care about what the Constitution say, you are violating the law of the land yourself. Police officers messing with the church. What have happened to America.


On-Screen: On Friday 13th…


#D-speaks: The last thing I want to do is stir up any kind of fear for people about the state of the world. But we need to be willing to look at what’s happening in a realistic viewpoint, square in the face, in order to prepare, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually – especially. But the good thing about the power-drunk people who control nations is that they tend to admit their plans openly.


1) Because they think we are all too dumb and compromised to figure it out, and 2) I think is because this is actually a spiritual war ultimately and they’re required to tell us.


But regarding their open admittance of their plans, we’re going to go ahead and look at that document


[You can find it for yourself, here]

(If that link does not pull up, email us! – Steven.H3(at)


Rock-CV-clip4.png#D-speaks (continue): That plan was released at least 10 years ago, 2010, that openly states different scenarios that could feasibly lead to the technologically controlled world that they want to see become reality. They, in this case, are those behind the Rockefeller Foundation, which by the way, is the same group that seeded, not only the United Nations (UN), but as well, the World Health Organization (WHO). That name sound familiar? Yeah that same group who is right now responsible for advising governments the same group that is helping shape the recommendations and rules that you, right now, are being forced to obey. The same group that Trump was apparently listening to when he decided to write an executive order on Friday, March 13th, 2020, that essentially handed this country over to FEMA on a platter… but that’s another story. Let’s get back to this document.


This document is called, “The Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”. At the moment, it is available online, if you just put that phrase in along with “PDF” (portable document format), you can download it. But the stated purpose of the document was explore the many ways in which technology and development could co-evolve. They claim in order to quote “address a wide range of developmental challenges, from climate change, health care, agriculture to housing, transportation, and education”. Oh, is that all?


As an aside, when you understand this organization’s original founder, Rockefeller, also benefited most from the big oil monopoly that systematically destroyed not only environments, but as well other forms of healthcare that did not utilize their patented petro-based pharma products, I do hope you can understand the irony of them now claiming they want to fix the healthcare and climate. But, more on that later.


The scenarios they present in this document would bring about what they understand to be the very important global political and economic alignment (on-screen: “aka: New World Order”) that they say will be for the good of us all. Well, let’s take a look and see if we the people agree with that.


The first scenario they explore is called “Lock-Step”. You’ll find this on page 18 of this document. It elaborates much further on the scenario that they explore in order to know what the future might look and feel like, as they say.


Now they describe this scenario in past tense, but do not be deceived. Remember, this was released in 2010.


#D-speaks (continue):

Here are some excerpts.


Now the subtitle to the whole lock-step scenario that they describe says: “a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership.Hm. How does my compilation back that up so far? With limited innovation and growing citizen pushback”. So, understand that they know that the citizen pushback is what they will be instigating. They are very well aware of that.


Rock-CV-clip7.pngRemember, this was written in 2010. It says “The pandemic that the world had been anticipating for years finally hit. Unlike 2009’s H1N1…. It was extremely virulent and deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed… The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies…” Now, remember why is it having an economic impact? Why? Is it from the virus itself? That we now know is on par with the seasonal influenza? Or is it because of the rules that very organization has imposed on as a result of what they said needed to happen? It’s a very important point.


It says, it had a “deadly impact on economies”. This is what they wanted. “International mobility of people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism, breaking global supply chains…” Food supply chains, anyone? Perhaps?Even locally, normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers… It blanketed the planet.” They say.


Even in developed countries, containment was a challenge.Right? That’s how they want to portray it in the media that they also control. “However, a few countries did far better – China in particular. The Chinese government’s quick  imposition and  enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens as well as it’s instant and near-hermetic sealing off of all borders, saved millions of lives..” they say. “Stopping the spread of the virus far earlier than in other countries.


It says: “China’s government was not the only one that took extreme measures to protect its citizens from risk and exposure. During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets.” Are we seeing this? Yeah, absolutely!


Even after the pandemic faded…” y’all, listen to this: “this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified… leaders around the world took a firmer grip on power.”

#D-speaks (continue):

Again this is what they want to see happen. “At first, the notion of a more controlled gained a wide acceptance and approval.” Mhm, right here in America, I would agree. “Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty and their privacy… even eager for top-down direction and oversight, and national leaders had more latitude to impose orders in the way they saw fit. In developed countries, this heightened oversight took many forms: biometric IDs for all citizens, and tighter regulation of key industries…


Keep your eye on the food, guys, cause that’s the one they really want to take down, in my opinion.  Tighter regulation of industries was deemed vital for national interests. Enforced cooperation with a suite of new regulations and agreements slowly but steadily restored both order and importantly economic growth.


Remember, one of the main proponents of this whole thing that we’re seeing speak out is Bill Gates. And what is he saying that we need to do before order and economic growth can come back? Before we can go and hang out in groups again? What is he saying that we need to do?


Rock-CV-clip8.pngBill Gates quote/clip:

For the world at large, normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population.


You see this “biometric ID for citizens”? And what is Bill Gates saying needs to happen in order for us to get that sort of thing? Not that any of us actually want it.


It (the document) goes on to say: “In the developed world, the presence of so many top-down rules and norms greatly inhibited entrepreneurial activity. Scientists and innovators were often told by governments what research lines to pursue.Hmm…. Interesting. Do they not want us to pursue the lines of research that would prove their entire narrative was based on lies? Research that would show the truth about this virus? They’re going to tell us what we can research. Scientists – wake up. Speak out.


Rock-CV-clip1.pngIt goes on to say later on, “People seemed to be growing weary of such top-down control and letting leaders and authorities make choices for them. Wherever national interests clash with individual interests, there was conflict. Sporadic pushback became increasingly organized and coordinated, as disaffected youth and people who had seen their status and opportunities slip away – largely in developing countries – incited civil unrest…. Even those who liked the greater stability and predictability, began to grow uncomfortable and constrained by so many tight rules and by the strictness of national boundaries. The feeling lingered that sooner or later, something would inevitably upset the neat order that the world’s governments had worked so hard to establish.


Well I believe that, in fact, this disorder that they are fully admitting is a part of the plan is what they will utilize to come in later and propose the ultimate order, that they want to see.


#D-speaks (continue):

 The citizen pushback” is a part of this very title of this thing that they have created. They know this is going to happen. And they are going to use this to their complete and total advantage.


Some of the headlines in lock-step. It talks about “quarantine restricts in-person contact”. It also says “Inter-continental trade hit by strict pathogen controls”. We’re already seeing this in the media where they are saying that they are going to have to do that as the result of “saving” us from the “infection rates”.  Right? “Infection rates” that dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of virologists, and people who have done microbiology their entire life are saying “this is not even possible”. It doesn’t matter as long as people believe that it’s possible.


In the bottom, it talks about the technology in lock-step. And this is what they really want to bring in as a result of this disorder that they are causing by destroying our very ability to take care of ourselves through our small businesses. The document says: “The scenario points to the development of certain kinds of technologies… Technology innovation in Lock-Step is largely driven by government and is focused on issues of national security and health and safety.So you can be sure when they ask you to take a shot, it will be absolutely your “duty” to as a matter of “national security” and “health and safety of everyone around you”.  Just in the same reasoning, that they have caused people to run around with masks for “everyone else’s safety”, otherwise, you’re being a “bad person”, and you need to be turned in by your neighbor, which is also what they are encouraging.


Shaped by governments dual desire to control and monitor their citizens”. It’s all about control.


Technology we might see.

Scanners using advanced functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology become the norm at airports and other public areas to…” Get this guys – “detect abnormal behavior that may indicate “anti-social intent””.


Even more importantly than understanding this – and isn’t it interesting that this is like a tidal wave (in their design for this NWO project). A tidal wave that comes out of the heart of these 0s and 1s that is representative of technology itself. They make no bones about telling you exactly what they intend to do.


While these ultimate plans and ability to use technology to extinguish dissidents and control those who are left, seems incomprehensible to those of us listening to a God-given conscience. But the gift in this grand bold chess-move at the hands of the elite is that many more will begin to comprehend the depths of their evil, as well as the fact that a “new world order” really was their ultimate goal after all.


#D-speaks (continue):

A man named Walter Cronkite was the face of the deception-creating media for almost an entire generation in America. Through the Vietnam War, through the murder of JFK, and then through putting men on the moon. When he later received his gift of excellence from the World Federal Association, they said this:
World government is the structure necessary for global justice…

Hillary Clinton speaking by video to this conference: “Good evening and congratulations, Walter, on receiving the World Federalist Association, global governance award…. For more than a generation in America, it wasn’t the news, unless Walter Cronkite told us it was the news…. Every night at 6 o’clock, we welcomed you into our living rooms, and listened as you explained the complex events of the day…. For decades, you told us the way it is, and tonight, we honor you for fighting for the way it could be… ” [applause]

You, sir, have been a life-long advocate of this principle. And it is appropriate, therefore, that we present with this amethyst geode.

Walter acceptance clip: “The first priority of humankind in this difficult era, is to establish an effective system of world law that will assure peace and justice among the peoples of all of the world… First, we Americans are going to have to yield up some of our sovereignty. That’s going to be to many, a bitter pill. It will take a lot of courage, a lot of faith, a lot of persuasion, for them to come along with us on this necessity…. Pat Robertson (a fellow satanist posing as a “Christian leader”) has written in a book a few years ago. That we should have a world government, but only when the Messiah arrives. [laughter] He wrote, “Any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the devil.” Well join me. I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of satan.


D-speaks repeats the clip for emphasis

I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of satan.” [applause]


#D-speaks (continue):

These people admit their allegiance, because it is required. And Bill Gates and Microsoft, also admitted theirs when, in the time of all of this chaos, they released their promotion of an artist well-known for to partake in satanic rituals – on the day that is known to represent the day Jesus was crucified. God gave us all free will. Even to those who are currently misusing it. And it is their “god” that is seeking to remove, your free-will from you. In the name of “peace” and “safety”.



But this world, is not all there is. There is more. So much more. This place is just a test, where you will choose your allegiance.


God bless you. I love you. And I’ll talk to you soon.