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What do all of these groups here and the people listed here have in common? They are all a part of the Trump coalition. Even MacArthur supports Trump’s Coalition... But who is on the "Trump Coalition"?
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How did all of these get on the same team? Kirk Cameron, Joseph Coors, Larry Flint, Jerry Falwell Jr, John Maxwell, Pope Francis, Thomas Schirrmacher, Jay Strack, Michelle Bachmann, Joel Osteen, Paula White, Joel Rosenberg, David Duke - Grand Wizard of the KKK, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), North Korean State Media, Ronnie Floyd, Billy Graham, Robert Jeffress, General  Jerry Boykin, James Dobson, Newt Gingrich, Alex Jones, Brigitte Gabriel, Phil Robertson, Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, and James Robison? And why are they joining partnership with American Enterprise Institute, World Evangelical Alliance, Southern Baptist Convention, Bilderberg Group, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, The Heritage Foundation, the National Association of Evangelicals, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Council for National Policy (CNP), and finally: the satanic Theosophical Society that built Hitler? What do these all have in common? They have all joined and combined their support behind Jesuit Donald Trump and his Jesuit-run coalition.


In this article, we discuss the coalition that Jesuit Trump has collected, and the speech MacArthur gave in support of that coalition - trying to get his followers to follow Trump, for the sake of his "coalition".


From July to November 2016, MacArthur did  2 political speeches where he publicly announced his support for a secret coalition behind Trump's political agenda. We did a close up review of MacArthur's speech at the Western Conservative Summit (WCS), which you can find below.


And you can find the explanation of his trick-wording and some of his clever yet subtle false teaching in it, here: >



You can find the transcript of MacArthur's political speech to support "Trump's Coalition", here:

Let’s look at the “coalition” around the time of July 2016 that John MacArthur considers himself to be part of that is/was promoting Trump. This list only includes people who publicly endorsed or decided to vote for Donald Trump as well as the members of his religious advisory council and other think tanks that helped build him up to be their collective choice for president even if some of the attendees of those think-tanks did not individually make a public endorsement.


Before you assume that you know who these people are, please take a look at and double check our facts in these profiles especially in our more lengthy report. What you are reading right now is the short version (see link below for the long-version). These articles should help you to understand how Jesuit Trump and his advisors formed a network of religious and political leaders into a secret “coalition”. This is information that all honest followers of Christ in America need to know. Please note that every organization, corporation, and religious leader including “pastors” named in this paper are doing evil and helping for more evil than is readily visible. If you see a name you like, please do some research and quit giving them your blessing. Even this shortened document is long, but if we all can grasp the structure of this network, we can (and need to) all work together to remove those who should not be “pastors” and to firmly and loudly separate ourselves from those who should not be pretending to represent us in U.S. government – because their conscience witnesses against them that they do not represent our faith in Jesus.

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Below are some tricky but significant organizations with a short description so you know what we are referencing especially in regard to the United Nations and secret religious think-tanks. Remember, if the devil comes to people looking as evil as he is, they would reject him. The devil's agenda must look "good" and "helpful" to trick everyone. So, satan's human agents also use this form of deceit too.

Theosophical Society – built on many various secret societies and mystery religions – it operates as a connective tissue for false beliefs while the free-masons who actually implement the agendas take only some 50/50 percentage of false beliefs into Christian churches to try to corrupt them with whatever is deemed most appealing to that crowd that will still edge them toward one-world religion

United Nations (UN) – the starting structure of a one-world government secretly working with the Roman Catholics/Vatican toward a future anti-christ one-world system that is a secretly Vatican-directed. God explains in the Book of Revelation that this satanic one-world system will have a one-world government, one-world religion, one-world military, one-world judicial system, one-world commerce and one-world charity/humanities programs – that last item is the only one that is admitted to be in use right now with sprinkled hints of the others in place and waiting for the right time.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – these groups are considered to be humanitarian or charitable in nature, but they are actually a spy-network that feeds key-data back from every corner of the world to the United Nations to help the NWO team control people better, while also spreading evil agendas from the United Nations into cultures as "positive progress" in each country

Lausanne Council/Movement (Lausanne Committee) and its Mission America Council – These two groups are part of the one-world religious leadership. They were both co-founded by Billy Graham. The Mission America Council was founded by Billy Graham and  John M. Perkins (John MacArthur’s close friend), and Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ; The Lausanne Council/Movement was built after world war two on Billy Graham’s and Reinhold Niebuhr’s partnership with Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoller toward a “Christian” submission to rejoin all denominations under the one Roman Catholic (Universal) “Church”; it is disguised as a unifying evangelistic effort as though we all believe the same gospel essentials and are just learning to put aside our “non-essential” Bible differences; it is now partnered with Nick Hall’s Pulse “ministry” which is intended to bring the homosexual “Christians” also into the mix – Mr. Hall is the president of the Mission America Council.

The Kairos Company – a public relations consulting firm that cleans up the public image in the media and on the internet for its clients to make sure no one can say anything negative about them. They also discredit unpleasant sources even without referencing them at all just by writing their own cleaned-up story about whatever was being questioned; also advises about how to sneak agendas into various sectors of “Christianity” in a way that will be best received/swallowed whole.

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) – a public relations accounting firm that cleans up the image of its clients by verifying or helping check and adjust its business practices to be done in a way that seems above reproach or else is not overtly seen as stealing or misrepresenting use of funds or major doctrinal errors – that last item is the worst because it seems to make the “evangelicals” give approval to false teachers and liars who are misleading us. Please remember that "evangelical" is not the same as "evangelism". "Evangelical" is a movement to get all churches and religions under the Vatican/"Pope" for the one-world religion. The devil needs the help of all false religions for the one-world government scheme to work.

Council for National Policy (CNP) – a “Christian” think-tank built to be like the Council on Foreign Relations and founded by Tim Lahaye – Moral Majority leader with free-masons Jerry Falwell Sr. and Pat Robertson; Lahaye's co-founders were his friends Nelson Bunker Hunt – big oil heir and councilmember of the highly free-mason John Birch Society, and Paul Weyrich – Roman Catholic/Greek Catholic cofounder of so many think-tanks, like "The Heritage Foundation" and "Moral Majority" with Jerry Falwell Sr.


Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) – The CFR is one of the top New World Order (NWO) command organizations in the US - their commands are handed out to the other groups. The CFR is a secret society founded to "advise" Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, which then became a funding project think-tank of Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation and whose leadership – particularly Allen Dulles helped establish many evil things, like the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)/ the pre-CIA, and particularly David Rockefeller who founded the Trilateral Commission, and particularly Henry Kissinger who is direct assistant to several of the Rockefeller family and who is a long-time member of Aspen Institute, Bohemian Club, Bilderberg Group, of which David Rockefeller and many Council on Foreign Relations members are also members – CFR members include the highest CEO’s, bankers, News broadcasters, former political power-players and anyone wealthy and influential who wants to play the "game" of devil-worship and one-world government


American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research - This group/think-tank works closely with the CFR team and has many evil groups in it - some of the most evil, like the who's who of evil in it. The AEI has many members (including its president) who are involved in "policy-making" and "strategy" with world government level think-tanks like Bilderberg Group, Council for National Policy, Ford Foundation, Brookings Institution, Aspen Institute; their current  president until next year 2019 is Arthur C. Brooks (friend of MacArthur)– a Roman Catholic partner with Jesuits and former member of Council for National Policy – for some examples: he met Brigham Young Mormons and later with John MacArthur in 2010 on the topic of Biblical values and economics; he met with Barack Obama and Leith Anderson of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) in 2015; he met with the Dalai Lama in 2014 on happiness, free enterprise, and humanism both at the temple and at the AEI conference; he was a doctoral fellow at Rand Corporations Graduate School (another extremely evil "think-tank" behind the military industry; war is a murderous trillion dollar industry - steal, kill, and destroy); etc.


The Heritage Foundation – a “Christian” think-tank behind the policies of Ronald Reagan’s administration to be a “Christian” cover for the CIA crimes and Bush family international crimes strategies; this is the think-tank behind the Western Conservative Summit (WCS) at which John MacArthur was speaking; the Heritage Foundation was founded by Paul Weyrich, Edwin Feulner – also a member of the Council for National Policy, and Joseph Coors – whose family also helped found and fund the Council for National Policy and John Birch Society while making their money on intoxicating people through their Coors Brewing Company and Miller Coors and Molson Coors Brewing Companies – also member of free-mason Kappa Alpha Society and Quill and Dagger Society (secret society like Skull and Bones of which John Kerry and George W. Bush are members); other members of the board of trustees and staff for The Heritage Foundation include Alex Azar – Secretary of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under Donald Trump, Steve Forbes – Chief editor of Forbes Magazine, Jerry Hume, Rebekah Mercer – Director of Mercer Family Foundation, Kay Coles James – current president, Edwin Meese III, Frank Shakespeare – former Ambassador to the Vatican and trustee since 1979, Larry P. Arnn, J William Middendorf II, who has been Ambassador to the European Communities as well as a driving force behind NAFTA and has been on the board of Heritage Foundation since 1989; other members or executive staff include(d) Tim Wildmon, Don Wildmon, Kellyanne Conway, Pat Robertson, Bob Reccord – executive director, Joseph Coors, Charmaine Yoest – Americans United for Life, Mat Staver – Liberty Counsel, Rich DeVos – Amway, Troy Newman – Operation Rescue, Rick Santorum, Jim DeMint, Josh Duggar, Jerry Falwell, Steve Forbes


Focus on the Family – known for supposedly supporting the family unit in America in regard to marriage, disciplining/teaching children to follow God, resisting the constant tides of abusive culture, etc – while they were actually just using their credibility to sneak godless/demonic psychology into every corner of American “Christianity” and misleading us – as they are now – to support Republican scams and threats being used to build a one-world forced and distorted society as though it were a “Christian” effort to establish the anti-christ system that they are building in the world


Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz (BGEA) – The family who was promoted by the Rockefeller free-masonry network hidden hand and Hollywood Rosicrucian "Christian" club - to attempt to represent ALL of American “Christianity” in one solidarity movement toward one Roman “Catholic” (Universal) “Church”. Billy Graham's "The Cove" retreat and training center is used for leaders to learn to be fake "Christian" leaders. They are also known for their Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training to use a Koran to talk to muslims, a Talmud to talk to Jewish people, and a Bible to talk to Christians in locations where there is a crisis happening or want the people to conform to the New World Order (NWO) demands.


Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) – one of the newer reorganized “conservative” “Christian” denominations intended to capture the escaping Christians who were leaving hypocritical churches since the 1980’s, went through several phases of corruption and supposed rebuilding while secretly being run by one of the largest bases of free-masons in the country who also cover for a lot of sexually immoral “pastors” and slow sabotage of moral values to the point where they are now leading the charge to pretend that “Christianity” has died in America

Televangelist – a supposed “preacher” who got put on TV to represent usually charismatic but sometimes other varieties of popular selfish movements in “Christianity” to make their followers feel like sending money is all they have to do to get the “gospel” to the world and convince everyone that they are a “real Christian” who is “building God’s Kingdom” – while usually just funding large think-tanks, scams, wealthy con-artists, and acting as a visible pretense to suggest that “American Christianity” has been dying since the 1960’s


Charismatic – there is a wide variety of ideas, but basically a belief in pray-a-prayer or join-a-church “salvation” with an added twist of having to get a “God-appointed” expert to lay hands on you or “baptize” you so you have the Holy Spirit which will be verified by speaking in “tongues” (which are not languages actually), ability to produce miracles for selfish unrepentant people, usually blasphemous experiences of absurd, lascivious, and mocking behavior, as well as ability to tell people what “god” wants them to know to defeat – but actually to join – the free-mason, satanic network


National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) – built by Carl F. H. Henry and Harold Ockenga on behalf of the Rockefeller and Graham family free-mason network in order to corral ALL evangelical, conservative, and activist “Christians” into one conglomerate under the World Evangelical Alliance/Fellowship authority who is working with the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity to introduce agendas into “evangelical” denominations that will move them toward being defeated and feeling similar enough to Roman Catholic leadership to bow to the Vatican


Vatican/Roman Catholic “Church” – oppressive corrupt partnership between Constantine’s Roman government and deceptive priests who built a world empire so powerful that it attacks Christians, destroys their Bibles, and has tried to scatter and destroy, and has threatened (at some point in time) pretty much every community of believers that has ever existed since the time Jesus came. The Vatican is guilty of the blood of millions of Christians among the world’s population and oppression of nations and peoples while trying and eventually succeeding in the future to build an anti-christ one-world religion, keeper/protector/library of all of the world’s historic mystery religions and satanic cults and as well as records of the world’s empires, regimes, king’s/queen’s, and dictator’s tactics and strategies for controlling people world-wide – always done with the happiest and “purest” presentation so that it doesn’t seem suspect


John Birch Society (JBS) - The John Birch Society was founded by a 32-degree mason named Robert Welch, who was also an agent for Nelson Rockefeller. They are an off-shoot from the Council for National Policy (CNP) which was founded by the satanic "Family"/"Fellowship", and the JBS seems like (to most people) a nice and honest way to keep up with and attempt to be an influence "for Christ" on modern politics. The problem is that they are run by masons and give out disinformation along with the helpful info. So, they sound like a lukewarm watchdog while promoting evil people. We all know that a little lie with truth goes a long way in helping covering up manipulative lying schemes of gate-keepers who pretend to be "Christians".

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2010 think-tank – This think-tank formed one year before Trump began openly planning his candidacy with Paula White. This group was organized and gathered by James Robison for a meeting of national religious leaders to plan how to "oust Barack Obama" - which is trick-words, because all of the Presidents are friends and almost all of them are related/family, and each "new leader" that is presented/selected for America builds on what the NWO team had commanded the previous leader to do.) The attendees at this gathering included Richard Land, Tony Perkins, Johnnie Moore, Tom Mullins, Harry Jackson, Kenneth Copeland – who are all on Trump’s religious advisory council, as well as Jim Garlow, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Gene Mills, Maggie Gallagher, Stephen Broden, Keith Butler, Tony Evans, Craig Groeschel, Miles McPherson, Doug Napier, Dave Roever, Mark Rutland, David Stone, Stu Weber – others who helped plan that meeting but were “unable” to attend include Jerry Falwell Jr. and Jack Graham – both on Trump’s religious advisory council, as well as O. S. Hawkins, Jack Hayford (one of MacArthur’s friend), and Ravi Zacharias. And... Sadly, their trick worked. They have Americans watching out for those "big bad Arabs", and not watching the CIA, FBI, FDA, DEA, ATF, TSA, EPA, FEMA, etc. Those alphabet soup agencies are far more dangerous and deadly than the myth of an invasion of Arabs. We are being invaded by Jesuits - but the Arabs are servants of them, and not the main problem.


2018 think-tank – Now, just a few weeks ago, the “Evangelical Leadership” celebration with Donald Trump happened on Aug 29, 2018. And again, it had the motto of "preparing to capture the mid-term elections" – the guest list included First Lady Melania, James Dobson, Darrell C. Scott, Paula White, Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins, Sam Brownback, Alveda King, Ralph Reed, Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Alex Azar. On the topic of "Evangelical", Billy Graham tricked American Christians to believe George W Bush was a "Christian". Because we believed that trick, GW Bush/Scherff was able to do more evil to Americans than many others, including setting up a powerful spy program, a system of secret courts, and many strange "laws" that violate the US Constitution. That group of so-called "Evangelicals" just set up/planned for their next trick against America using Donald Trump, just a few weeks ago. Watch and pray.


Here is Trump’s spiritual advisory council around July 2016 (it should be noted that some have since removed themselves from Trump’s advisory council so as to not be completely seen as keeping company with evil-doers: James Dobson, Jerry Falwell Jr., Richard Land, Paula White, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Mark Burns, James Robison, Ronnie Floyd, Robert Jeffress, David Jeremiah, Jack Graham, James MacDonald, Jay Strack, Michele Bachmann, Ralph Reed, A. R. Bernard, Robert Morris, Jentezen Franklin, Harry Jackson, [political] “Coach” Tom Mullins, Johnnie Moore, Sealy Yates, Tom Winters, Tim Clinton, Tony Suarez... Remember that John MacArthur made a speech using some Bible verses that he twisted to curse America and publicly support the coalition behind Trump. John MacArthur knows the evil that this team is doing and supports it.

-James Dobson Dobson is the founder of Alliance Defense Fund as well as his popular Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. Remember, the devil's best men have to look "Christian" to trick the Christians into accepting their plans. "Focus on the Family" and "Alliance Defense Fund" are both United Nations Non-governmental Organizations with special consultative status; Dobson is the “trusted” voice that forced satanic psychology into almost all of the churches and many Christian families in America in one way or another; Dobson and his cousin H. B. London are fourth generation Nazarene pastors trained by Point Loma Nazarene University and Dobson at University of Southern California which have a deep and open relationship with the Theosophical Society cult and psychology built on satanic roots; Dobson gained his popularity with the assistance of popular eugenicist and Hollywood “pro-family” counselor Paul Popenoe who wrote the college textbook Applied Eugenics in 1918 and was on the director of the American Eugenics Society before Hitler made these concepts infamous in his regime; his wife Shirley Dobson directed for many years the National Day of Prayer Task Force on behalf of the satanic family/”Fellowship” in politics such as Absalom Robertson and his son Pat Robertson, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Billy Graham


-Jerry Falwell Jr. - Liberty University has been an ecumenical connector for one-world religion quite literally as can be shown by gatherings/convocations including representatives of Muslim, Episcopal, Sikh, Buddhist, Mormon, Jewish, Hindu, Greek Orthodox, and Roman Catholic religions. Before we go further - do you believe all of those religions share common beliefs in God's Word and obeying Jesus' teachings? Hopefully not - because satan's false religions always contradict Jesus.


 Jerry Falwell Sr.’s chief of staff for eleven years was Mark DeMoss – who has assisted the Falwell’s since at least the mid-1980’s – is now the spokesperson for the Billy Graham Library and Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA), and Mark is the brother of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth; Falwell Sr. and staff have partnered with Mel White and others to invite the homosexual community into communion in the church; Falwell Sr. also was involved in forcing the corporate laws on “church” property ownership statutes, which led the way to forcing the wave of 501(C)3 regulations that have destroyed almost all churches by forcing them to quit teaching many Bible truths, including about Heaven and Hell, sin, the Great White Throne Judgment, and more. Now at least 95% of these 501c3 "churches" are money-driven social clubs with religious story-telling entertainment, and owned by a CEO/”pastor” who does “church” as a career only; Matt Staver who served eight years as Liberty University’s School of Law dean founded the Liberty Counsel; the Falwell family has a multi-generational history with assisting the production of porn – for example Falwell Sr.’s partnering in scams with Larry Flint and Roy Grutman – family ownership of the largest nightclub in Virginia at the time, some of the largest production and distributing of illegal drugs and alcohol at that time, Rockefeller oil industry gas stations, and their newer ownership of an LGBT friendly hostel (low quality condo) in Miami South Beach – owned by Jerry “Trey” Falwell the 3rd. In case you missed it, we need to stop calling Liberty University a "Christian college".


-Richard Land – 25 year president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission (ERLC) which is a United Nations Non-governmental Organization; Land is executive editor of The Christian Post whose editorial advisors include one-world religion voices such as Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Johnny Moore of The Kairos Company (a cover-up public relations firm), Harry R. Jackson Jr., Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, Greg Parsons of U.S. Center for World Missions, and Robert P. George who is board member of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission and American Enterprise Institute and a member of Council on Foreign Relations. The ERLC is a clever hoax to silence the standards of righteous obedience to God's Word, and blur good and evil.


-Paula White – televangelist and false apostle and organizer of Trump’s network as a close personal friend since 2002 who also got him “saved” – according to James Dobson; White helps maintain the spiritual abuse of the poor, and if you study her life story, you can see why we are convinced that she is a blasphemer, thief, swindler, adulterer, and perhaps co-conspirator to murder and drug-running among other things


-Kenneth and Gloria Copeland – televangelist and partner with the late Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer, James and Betty Robison, John and Carol Arnott of Toronto Blessing fame, and World Evangelical Alliance leaders, and Thomas Schirrmacher – personal friend of Pope Francis, World Evangelical Alliance, and United Nations leaders who is also Knight Grand Cross – in rejoining the charismatics and pentecostals under  the Pope into the devil’s forced one-world religion led by the Vatican; Copeland is a self-proclaimed billionaire whose doctrines are clearly false


-James Robison - connector between Pope Francis and the American “Protestant” “evangelicals” in almost every way a person could possibly connect; all of these religious leaders know that Vatican/Catholic leaders are sexually active in many evil ways, but that is not important to them; see Kenneth Copeland’s profile about rejoining with Pope Francis under the Vatican; James Robison was a friend of and actively, personally mentored by Billy Graham since more than fifty years ago; Robison organized the 2010 think-tank to bring in the next stage after Obama as well as the 1979 rally in partnership with Paul Weyrich and Howard Phillips of the Council for National Policy (CNP) and World Anti-Communist League that built up Ronald Reagan


-Ronnie Floyd – a leader since 1996 of national level prayer movements with the Southern Baptist Convention, Bill Bright and Pat Robertson; Robertson's father Absalom helped found the political, satanic  "Family"/ ”Fellowship”; Floyd is now President of the "Family" National Day of Prayer global network. Remember, the big religious names in America, as well as many political people, are trained by the "Fellowship" or "Family" (aka "C-Street gang"), to look and act like Christians. Because openly-evil people don't make much progress, because they get watched and corrected by Christians.


-Robert Jeffress – pastor of First Baptist Dallas – one of the largest concentration of free-masons in the country built by W. A. Criswell and Billy Graham


-David Jeremiah – televangelist and regular speaker at Billy Graham’s "The Cove" since 1992 - the Cove is Graham's ecumenical training grounds. David is also a friend of Tim Lahaye who founded the Council for National Policy (CNP) and Jeremiah leads the church Lahaye built; Tim Lahaye is the man who wrote the "Left Behind" series with Jerry B. Jenkins to suggest - as John MacArthur also does, that Christians will take the "mark of the beast" and still be considered "Christian" by Jesus Christ when He returns; David is also a friend of Jesuit Vatican agents Roma Downey  and Mark Burnett, son of James T. who rebuilt and led Cedarville University for forty-six years


-James MacDonald – corporate mega-church kingdom-builder who is also part of Jesuit Franciscan father Dimitri Sala’s “pastors” network


-Jay Strack – founder of "Student Leadership University" near Disney World whose faculty includes Winston Churchill’s grandson Sir Nicholas Soames, United States Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black, Sean McDowell son of Josh McDowell, Dr. Bob Reccord executive director of Council for National Policy, Dr. Thomas White of Cedarville University, Tom Mullins who is John Maxwell’s pastor, and influential leaders from NASA, Focus on the Family, LifeWaay, Chick-fil-A, and Disney; Strack’s clients include WalMart, NASA, Walt Disney Company, Johnson and Johnson, General Motors, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, etc; he has also lectured at the Russian Communist Politburo and Israel’s Knesset and U.S. Air Force Academy. Strack focuses on youth leaders and works to re-train them to work with the one-world religious plans, and to educate their youth departments to be prepared to follow the "Family's" progressive agendas, but he doesn't alarm them by honestly explaining to them that those agendas work toward an antichrist world government.


-Michelle Bachmann – tea party activist and personal friend and student of John Eidsmoe and representing Pat Robertson, Roy Moore, and Herb Titus in political agendas. Bachmann is clever about pretending to be really nice, and is very clever at being in the right place and saying the right few good phrases while working with the evil teams, including the one-world religion teams. Bachmann is also a part of the discussion of working to confuse the Jewish people - moving them toward "Jewish mysticism" called Kabbalah, instead of Torah Judaism which leads them to the real God and their Messiah, Jesus/Yeshua HaMashiach - as explained in many places including Isaiah 53. Kabbalah is the opposite of the Bible and the 10 Commandments, even pretending that we can become our own "gods", which of course is a blatant lie.


-Ralph Reed – partner with Grover Norquist and Jack Abramoff of the College Republican National Committee and with satanic family “Fellowship” Pat Robertson in his Christian Coalition


-A. R. Bernard – “pastor” of New York City’s largest mega-“church” who was appointed to various leadership positions by eugenicist and billionaire Michael Bloomberg; Bernard is a former member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam movement; he is president of New York’s Council of Churches – he left Trump’s advisory board


-Robert Morris – director with John MacArthur’s friend Jack Hayford of The King’s University; mentored since at least 2002 by James Robison


-Jentezen Franklin - Franklin is the “pastor” who told us that Donald Trump had rededicated his life to Christ twelve years ago and had attended Billy Graham Crusades when he was younger as evidence of Trump’s faith in Jesus


-Harry Jackson - Harry Jackson leads the coalition which calls itself The Reconciled Church


-[Political] “Coach” Tom Mullins - he is senior pastor of the church that John C. Maxwell teaches at in south Florida, Mullins is president of EQUIP for training “pastors” whose board of directors includes Jonathan Falwell of Liberty University/Thomas Road Baptist Church, Nabi Selah who is an elder at Australia’s Hillsong Church, David Meyer – Joyce Meyer’s son, and Ed Bastian CEO of Delta Airlines


-Johnnie Moore – past travel assistant and president of communications for Liberty university; Moore is past publicist for Tim Lahaye; Moore is long-time friend and chief of staff for Roman Catholic mystics – Roma Downey, Mark Burnett and communications stategist for their new Jesuit Vatican shrine called The Museum of the Bible; Moore is owner of The Kairos Company (a cover-up and public relations firm) whose clients include World Evangelical Alliance, Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, and Ronnie Floyd and David Jeremiah, Paula White, James Dobson, Robert Jeffress, Ronnie Floyd, Jack Graham, James McDonald, Jentezen Franklin; Moore is on the board of directors for National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) and World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)


-Sealy Yates and Tom Winters – attorneys and literary agents and publishing giants for Joel Osteen etc.; Sealy is president of My Faith Votes who organized Trump’s “evangelical” summit


-Tim Clinton – executive director of James Dobson Family Institute and on the leadership committee for the satanic family/”Fellowship” National Prayer Breakfast, former professor of counseling at Liberty University


-Tony Suarez - executive vice president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference whose goal is to merge Billy Graham’s gospel preaching with Martin Luther King’s Jr’s compassion for disadvantaged minorities




Here are other reputable spiritual leaders or influencers who endorsed Trump at some point during the election cycles:


-Jim Garlow – a director of John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI), his wife Rosemary Schindler Garlow is a grand-niece of Oskar Schindler by which she has close relationships with corrupt top Israeli government officials and is a leader of interfaith networking with Kabbalist rabbis; Garlow, along with Bachmann, is a part of the discussion of working to confuse the Jewish people - moving them toward "Jewish mysticism" called Kabbalah, instead of Torah Judaism which leads them to the real God and their Messiah, Jesus/Yeshua HaMashiach - as explained in many places including Isaiah 53. Kabbalah is the opposite of the Bible and the 10 Commandments, even pretending that we can become our own "gods", which of course is a blatant lie; the Garlows partner with Christians United for Israel and their Church-replacing-Israel agenda, and Rosemary is also as board member of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE); Garlow’s associate "pastors" - Michele Bachmann and Dan Cummings “preach” to Congress and the United Nations plaza.


-Wayne Grudem – partnered with Rick Warren – who wants to reverse the Reformation – in advising Catholic candidate Marco Rubio, before endorsing Jesuit Catholic Donald Trump


-Eric Metaxas – “Christian” philosopher friend of Kirk Cameron who supports Carlyle Group (a military corporation) and similar wealthy corporations who partner with and fund John Birch Society, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, and Bilderberg Group; Metaxas wrote a book promoting Pope Francis; Metaxas was keynote speaker at the 2012 satanic family “Fellowship” National Prayer Breakfast and also spoke at the Western Conservative Summit where John MacArthur gave his speech backing Trump; Metaxas is also friends with Jesuit Peter Kreeft. As we mentioned above, the John Birch Society (JBS) is a lukewarm watchdog group that pretends to be conservative, but is cleverly promoting evil people.


-Tony Perkins – President of the Council for National Policy and Family Research Council who also in 1996 made a $82,600 purchase for mailings from David Duke of the KKK and lied to the Federal Election Commission to hide it and had to pay a fine afterward – this was when he was working for Woody Jenkins and later met with the openly racist Council of Conservative Citizens in 2001 which he also tried to hide


-Joel C. Rosenberg – CIA spokesperson for predictions in his novels including threats the intelligentsia intend to fulfill; Rosenberg trained under Rush Limbaugh, and Benjamin Netanyahu who is currently (a very corrupt) prime minister of Israel, Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine, and Burton Yale Pines of Heritage Foundation; Joel is also known for his prediction of 9/11 written before it happened; Joel is also close family friend of Gino Gerachi who represents Franklin Graham at mass-shootings and 9/11 Ground Zero. For those who don't remember, 9/11 was a major military technology demonstration for the Rothschild family who was in town that day, as a controlled demolition in New York City, pretending to be a "terrorist attack". As we just noted, Joel wrote about the 9/11 agenda 9 months before it happened. Lucky? No. He's an inside agent for the satanic New World Order (NWO) team, being used to move Christians with his so-called "Christian"/"Biblical" novels, and fake threats of muslim agents who supposedly want to take over America.


Council for National Policy (CNP) members – Pat Robertson, Tim Wildmon, Charmaine Yoest, Tony Perkins, Edwin J. Feulner Jr., James Dobson, Donald Rumsfeld


Heritage Foundation members – Joseph Coors, Alex Azar, Edwin J. Feulner Jr., New Gingrich, Rick Perry, Steve Forbes


Family Research Council (FRC) leaders - Jerry Regier, James Dobson, Tony Perkins,


Political religious heavy-weights - Rick Perry, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, John R. Bolton, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal , Marco Rubio, and George Prescott Bush who was named after his great grandfather Prescott Bush who worked with the Union Banking Corp. and Brown Brothers, Harriman & Co who worked with, supported, and funded Hitler’s projects in the 1930’s.


Congressmen who have been members of the satanic “Fellowship”:

Sam Brownback, Chuck Grassley, Tom Coburn, Jim Inhofe, Mike Enzi, Frank Wolf,


Vatican political experts - Frank Pavone, Newt Gingrich, Austin Ruse, Thomas DiLorenzo, Walter Block, Janet E. Smith


Tea Party leaders- Sarah Palin, Jenny Beth Martin, Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann


“Conservative” Media personalities -Brigitte Gabriel, Cal Thomas, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager

Televangelist and Charismatic liars - Jim Bakker friend of Jerry Falwell Sr. and Billy and Franklin Graham, Mike Murdock, Bill Johnson of Kansas City “Prophets”, John Hagee, Paul White,


“Christian” Hollywood - Stephen Baldwin, Dean Cain, Phil Robertson, Sadie Robertson, Willie Robertson, Chuck Norris - all of these devious actors and leaders are pretending to be "Christians" and are part of Trump's coalition.


-Norman Geisler - founder and first president of both The Evangelical Philosophical Society and The International Society of Christian Apologetics; Catholic Jesuit-trained at Loyola University with a Ph.D.


-William G. Boykin - Grand Chancellor of Knights of Malta – Catholic jesuit - retired general who has a really high-level list of involvement with CIA and military; Boykin is executive vice-president of James Dobson’s Family Research Council


-John Hagee – televangelist, false prophet, and founder of Christians United for Israel network with Kabbalist Judaism


-Charles Evers - civil rights leader who was a friend of John MacArthur and John M. Perkins - co-founder of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization Mission America Council with Billy Graham and Bill Bright serving as co-chairs with him. Remember, the Lausanne Council/Movement is working to unite all religions under the "pope" to become the religious Babylon explained and described in God's Word, in the Book of Revelation.


-Pat Robertson - the son of Absalom Robertson who helped create the satanic “Fellowship”; Pat Robertson is former president of the Council for National Policy(CNP) and is also former CNP Board of Governors and Executive Committee member

-Gary Bauer – graduate of Catholic Jesuit Georgetown University Law School; Washington Director of John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel; former senior vice-president of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family and President of his Family Research Council


-David Dukewhite-supremacist leader Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan

-The Crusader, the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan (denounced by Trump's campaign)

-National Socialist Movement (unofficial)


-DPRK Today, North Korean state media


-Fraternal Order of Police (FOP); masonic fraternity of police officers who are enemies of the U.S. Constitution in the police force who are eliminating and pushing out honorable officers and enforcing unethical and unconstitutional “laws”


-Edwin J. Feulner  Jr. - former president of the Heritage Foundation and former member of Council for National Policy


-Ben Carson - Yale fellow and likely Skull-and-Bones secret society member who has also spoken at the satanic family/”Fellowship” National Prayer Breakfast


-Sheldon Adelson – corrupt Israeli tycoon, largest contributor to Trump’s campaign, close friend or former friend of Benjamin Netanyahu


- Kirk Cameron - the Cameron family was so powerful in the “Christian” Hollywood network that built Billy Graham, they had Kirk join Graham when he received his Hollywood star in 1989; Cameron partners with Liberty University, with Bilderberg supporter Eric Metaxas, with Catholic Jesuit Paulist father Dave Dwyer, with Mormon showman Glenn Beck, with Jennifer Rothschild, with Johnny Moore and with the Catholic Jesuit Vatican shrine called the Museum of the Bible among many others. Kirk Cameron is talented at presenting evil as "good", in such films as "Saving Christmas" and "Monumental" and "Connect".



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