[Picture caption: God allowed a dust bowl/famine in 1930s, and He is sending this coming famine on the US now. This is the church age (Revelation 2 and 3), not the literal Tribulation. This is a direct rebuke from God. Are you listening? Will you be ready?]


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Okay FB has jammed/ghosted this article, so I'm re-posting it. This is from God to/thru my Dad (David) a faithful prophet, one of few honest ones in Lukewarm USA, thanks to Vatican's agents all across America. We have seen many clues of this coming famine for several years. Now, we are very sure that God is putting an end to satan's out-of-time CV scam/murder-scheme, and is starting a famine - specific to individuals, even more so than the economic crisis of a few years did. Will many "almost Christians" get genuinely saved in this? Probably. Will many Christians learn how to actually seek God and turn from many sins in this? Yes. We are sure God is doing that. Watch for it. Pray about how to clean your heart and home, and to teach it to others. And pray for others to clean their hearts and home. To learn more, study the topic of “refining” in Scripture. ~ Watching, Preaching, Praying, SH




Warning Coming Famine


From David Henry, a faithful and honest prophet.


Attention to Prodigal Christians,


God has told me that He is sending a hard famine -- aimed and planned directly at entertainment sins. How can you know if God is looking at your sins? Do you still watch TV? Do you watch movies and videos that break one or more of the 10 Commandments? Do you look at and watch any sins on your computer? If so, Jesus is directly watching you, and Jesus is sending a special famine for you.


The reason I chose the phrase 'Prodigal Christians' was to include everyone who has made precious promises to Jesus but they forgot to keep doing what they promised. Everything on earth will rust away, or break and become useless junk. At the end of time for this cursed earth, God will melt and burn everything including the earth itself as explained in 2 Peter 3:10-13 & Revelation 21:1. So do not live for things on earth.


If you try to protect yourself from the famine by buying extra food, but you still hold on to the sins Jesus is aiming at in your life, Jesus will adjust the famine to keep the pressure on your entertainment sins, until you let go of those sins. You need to know Jesus will adjust the famine for you, and it will feel like Jesus is personally looking at you. That might be the first time in your life that you realize Jesus cares so much about you. That is a hard way to learn that Jesus loves you.


People do not make sense some times. It is a strange to see how people hold on tight to their favorite sins. We will all see 'want-to-be-Christians' almost starving before they let go of their sins. When they quit those sins, God will let them find food.


Most Americans will not like this message from God, and they will become mad at me. If you wish, you can ignore this warning and do what you want. But you will remember this warning later when you are in tough situations. My spiritual gift is prophet. The training for a prophet is tough, very hard for several decades, and no one can call themselves to be a prophet of God. There were special circumstances before my conception, and an angel visited at my birth.


The best known prophecy God has given me was directed at Joel Hunter when he was a popular speaker at Northland in Longwood Florida. When God sent me/us there in the late 80's I saw several angels on horses, on the left side and right side of the entrance. Joel pretended to be a small time Church speaker trying to build a church. No one knew Joel was a high level jesuit priest sent to ruin the Churches in the Orlando area. As his number of listeners grew, Joel was boasting about his popularity. The Church people liked Joel because he allowed the listeners to do every sin, just like the catholics allow. When Joel was expanding his teachings God told me "Joel is leaving". I repeated that prophecy in many places. After that, Joel toured China's government with G. W. Bush. Then Joel was spiritual advisor to Barack Obama and Mike his partner. That was when we realized he was a high level jesuit priest. About 20 years after I said it, God removed Joel as I explained; that popularity with the people turned against him.


On a different subject, another evidence to help you know I'm one of God's prophets. More proof God reveals special truths to His prophets. What did God do for millions of years before 6,000 years ago when He shaped the earth? Genesis 1:1-2 says "In the beginning God created the Heavens and earth." I believe, I'm sure of it, that God created the Holy Mountain of God and the very, very old angels called the "Congregation", millions or billions of years before Genesis 1:1. And He had great fellowship with them and had no need for anything else. And then 6,000 years ago, it became time to create a heavens and an earth. In Isaiah 14:13-14, the Holy Mount of God and the Mount of the Congregation of Angels were the envy of the newly created Lucifer who later became the devil and the deceiver and satan. Lucifer was not allowed by God to ascend up there with the older angels except to deliver brief reports about earth as a cherub guardian of the earth. This shows the difference in God's fellowship with the older "Congregation" of angels compared to the angels who were created to serve the earth, like Lucifer who later became the devil. We know that God has always existed. So when did God create His dwelling? I believe that time is millions or billions of years ago.


We can prove that God made millions of angels too, way back so long ago. Lucifer said he wanted to rule over those very old angels in Isaiah 14:13-17. "I will exalt my throne above the stars…" Those "stars" are the old angels. The devil's words "I will also sit on the mount of the congregation," tells us that God has a throne among that "congregation". The word "congregation" tells us there are lots of those old angels.


The following is a brief description of what we call Heaven. I have written a long version of this study with more details. The Holy Mountain of God is extremely massive, maybe like a mountain range, and it is made of "fiery stones" Ezekiel 28:14, 16. The main feature is a large fiery mountain with God's main dwelling on top. We get a great description of God's court area on top of that Holy Mountain in Revelation 4:1-11 & 15:1-4. But we get more information about the Mountain of God from the stupid boasts of satan 6,000 years ago. Half way up the Mountain of God was a cloud barrier Isaiah 14:14 as a barrier of humility for the new angels that He created just 6,000 years ago. The original angels existed millions of years before the new cherub angels created 6,000 years ago. We meet those angels called "stars of God" and "congregation" at the end in Revelation when they destroy the devil's world government. The devil can't do anything to stop them. See those angels in Revelation 4:8 & 7:1, 2, & 8:2, 3, 13 & 9:1, 12 & 10:1-3, 4 & 11:1, 14, 15 & 14:6, 8, 9, 17 & 15:1, 6 & 16:1-17 & 18:1. Those angels have much more power than the cherub class of angels. You see the devil could not stop them.


God has a 2nd throne on the Holy Mountain of God, the devil said "I will also sit on the mount of the congregation, on the farthest sides of the north." Isaiah 14:13. The throne God sits on when He visits the "congregation" is on the north side of God's holy Mountain. When Lucifer and his top angel rebels met at Lucifer's "sanctuary" Ezekiel 28:16-18, they traded secrets. Since they couldn't see or hear God, they thought God couldn't hear them. When Lucifer made his final decision to try to take God's kingdom with five "I will" boasts, God is the One Who explains, "You said in your heart…" in Isaiah 14:13-15. The devil never went up to God and said those stupid things, instead God chased him and his commander rebels out of His sanctuary with fire. There are many more things you can find in those Passages, but I need to move on with one final point: The devil sold his soul to exalt his throne above God and to be like god.


It was totally impossible for the devil to be like God because Silas tells us in Hebrews 11:3 "By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that the things which are seen were made of things which are not visible." The devil can't make atoms and molecules. Neither can the devil hold atoms and molecules together. The greatest scientists in the world are puzzled and worried because they can't find anything that holds electrons in their places. The best scientists were looking for dark matter in the middle to give gravity, that maybe dark matter holds electrons in place. No, the only thing holding atoms and molecules together is God's power. The thought of an all-powerful God makes them afraid of eternal judgment.


Another problem that prevents the devil from being more than a fallen angel is he can only be in one place at a time, so how can he run the whole world? That is why the devil is trying to build his 666 mafia to help him spy on every country in the world, with camera systems in every house and on every highway, and satellite cameras most people can't imagine.


The devil sold his soul to be worshiped by man while he pretends to be god. The devil will get 7 years to pretend, but it becomes the end of his rebellion and the end of the world. Then God will destroy this earth that the devil wanted to steal. In the end the devil will not play himself as god because most people will not love and worship that murderer. Instead he will pick a devious man everyone likes to be his anti-Christ. The devil will place all of his power in a fallen man who pretends to be like another messiah, Revelation 13:1-2.

If you want to know who wrote Hebrews, it was Silas. Silas was a prophet from Jerusalem, and he was one of Peter's closest friends. Silas went on Paul's 2nd missionary journey for 2 years. Silas trained under Paul for 2 years and was a close friend of Timothy. When they preached in Philippi, both Paul and Silas got a severe beating. While Paul and Silas were praying and singing in chains in jail around midnight, God sent a powerful earthquake to release their chains, Acts 16:25-26. Sixteen years later when Silas wrote his letter to the Philippians that everyone calls Hebrews, Silas reminded them of those chains in Hebrews 10:34. There are about 80 other points in Scripture that point out that Silas wrote Hebrews. Even the internal evidence in Hebrews points to Silas as the author, and those personal notes eliminate all other suggestions as possible writers.


Most American Church people don't read Revelation 2 &3. They do not realize that Jesus is watching them. When someone makes request to Jesus for a salvation covenant to go to Heaven Matt. 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20, they have also promised Jesus is their Master, Luke 6:46 & Romans 6. Some Church people will reject this warning of Jesus sending a famine to them. But later they will remember the prophet of the Lord, David who warned them. Jesus didn't give me strong information as to the start of this famine. Maybe the famine will start in the fall, when Christians should be expressing a sacred Thanksgiving to God, but instead they are planning for their wants and pleasures, and looking for new things to enjoy like fall festivals. After that, they plan their worldly wants for Santa-mass. God didn't tell me when, so I'm sharing with you what it seems like to me. I'm very sure Jesus is sending a planned famine to Prodigal Christians, and I expect it to come later this year.


Christians: God is offended that people pretend that Jesus is a baby every year. They reduce the commands of the King of kings, and pretend Jesus is a helpless baby no one needs to obey. Quit that, because you are hurting yourself. Jesus never asked His followers to remember and celebrate His birth every year. Why does anyone think that buying gifts to exchange with each other is how to worship Jesus? The caravan of wise men gave their gifts to Jesus - God, not to each other.


The Americans who decorate evergreen trees every year have not read or they don't understand that God condemned the pagan celebration in Jeremiah 10:2-5. Every time you decorate an evergreen tree you provoke God's anger at you. Stop, and throw out all those evil decorations. And get rid of father time also called santa, frosty, and reindeer. You are not stronger than God. You cannot win your war against God. Look in the New Testament for every person who argued with Jesus. Everyone who argued with Jesus lost and it hurt them.


My blessing to you, when you ask for help from God, and you want to obey, may Jesus help you find food or the help you need. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


I, David, am a sinner saved by God's grace, but this document proves that I'm a prophet of God, David.


Please share this with the friends you care about. If you have questions, ask: Steven.H3(at)gmail.com


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