Obey Authority – Romans 13


Paul's Epistle to the Churches in Rome is truly amazing. Romans still talks to Christians today. Look at the precise wording in Romans 13, that is the chapter that tells us to obey the government, but most American Christians haven't looked closely enough. When Romans 13 tells us to obey the government, are we told to obey the US Constitution, or obey the banker-military mafia overthrow? Is there any way that God would tell you to obey the 666 mafia? They will become the 666 world government during the 7 year tribulation/great tribulation. No, holy God is always holy. God will never tell you to obey the devil's world government. In fact, God wants us to oppose the devil's government. But the 666 mafia wants to trick you to accept their takeover. Do you see that all 501c3 churches are assigned to push this false teaching from FEMA?


Look at Romans 1:1 “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities...Again the question; would God tell us to obey the 666 banker-military mafia, or the US Constitution? How did we get the US Constitution? Early, at the start of this new nation, holy God forced our founding fathers to write the US Constitution. They wrote everything they could think of, and it was voted on by the citizens in each state. That is the correct way to write laws according to the US Constitution. The US Constitution became the law of this nation. Also the US Constitution became our national covenant with holy God. In the next few years later, the government leaders saw some gaps not covered in the US Constitution, so they wrote several Amendments, and again those Amendments were voted on and approved by the whole population being ratified by the states. So those also became the law of the land.


How did God know that 200 years later that a banker military mafia would try overthrow our government? God is God Almighty. God is the most brilliant chess Master anywhere and everywhere. Before God made anything, God knew about everything step by step, from the beginning to the end. God foresaw this trouble coming. That is why God pressed the founding fathers to write the laws and make it the official covenant between us and God. Continuing in verse 1; “For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. You know everyone who takes a job in a government office makes a sworn statement, and most of the time their oath is on the Bible. They must pledge they will obey the US Constitution. So they become a public servant to “We the people...” Some evil people try to outsmart God. They put their hand on something else while they make their oath to God. Don't worry because Romans 13 catches them in their craftiness. They can't outsmart holy God.


What happens if, or when someone in a government office breaks any of these laws in the US Constitution? They become a criminal waiting for the citizens to catch them and arrest them, and give them a fair and speedy trial, then punish them according to the laws. You see that teaching in Romans 13:2 “Therefore whoever resists the authority, resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil...” Do you see it is God's plan for evil doers to get caught and punished? In that verse God tells the righteous citizens in this country to be “bring judgment on... evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good...” If they had read Romans 13, they would have known they can't get away with doing evil in the USA.


How does the USA get new laws? The Senators or House of representatives write something they want to become a new law, when both Senate and House approve a new law, then they send that to the president to sign it to become law. So, what is an executive order? The president is allowed to command his cabinet employees to obey a new rule he has for them. The president isn't a king or dictator, a president can't write a command to the USA. The president can't write an executive order for the nation. But even if an evil president tries to write an executive order for the USA, it is empty, it is useless, it is non-binding. An executive order has no weight, and an executive order cannot bring any penalty or punishment to USA citizens. If the president wants to get a new law, he must get the Senate or House to write it, and both offices must approve it, and then the president signs it into law. But what happens if that new law violates the US Constitution? The Supreme Court is required to examine all new laws. If a new law violates the US Constitution they are supposed to strike down that wrong law. The Supreme Court cannot write any laws. Right now, the majority of the US justice system is run by Catholic criminals who follow their criminal precedent instead of the US Constitution. Most of them are trained at Vatican controlled Jesuit law schools in how to prop up and protect Catholic abusers, and punish those who oppose the evils of Rome.


There is another point worth noticing in Romans 13:3-4; “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil... Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same.” How often do you get praise from government officials? It seems like they are constantly trying to accuse Christians of not respecting their opinion: > opinions about sexual sinners, and/or > Don't say it is wrong to murder Arabs to steal their oil or lithium, or drugs, etc. Why does it seem like those who are in government positions are against God's truth of right and wrong? Why do they think they can teach porn to little kids in the schools? The frequencies the internet uses are owned publicly and therefore are subject to the US Constitution rules of freedom of speech, not Google's rules on how they want to do things. How can it happen that so many rulers right now call real truth as “fake news”, and they call the false info that truly is satanic propaganda with lies and tricks the “real news”? Obviously those who infiltrated the government positions are violating Romans 13, and the US Constitution. And God is watching for those who would uphold righteousness and impose consequences on those criminals.


As a Christian you know about the salvation covenant; that brings eternal life in Heaven, it's an eternal covenant, not a temporary covenant. Truly being “born again” makes an eternal salvation covenant with holy God. When God established the US Constitution with the citizens, was it a temporary covenant? In other words; sometimes we have a US Constitution, and sometimes we don't have a US Constitution, then later we have that covenant again? No, God doesn't change directions with the wind, but satan and his demons are always trying to trick something. You can't have a US Constitution sometimes, but then other times you don't have a US Constitution. God doesn't do anything that way. The 666 mafia would like you to believe that trick, so they can give the USA a few more evil tricks.


What type of tricks? There is no provision in the US Constitution for martial law. The 666 mafia would like to go door to door to take their guns, but those guns are protected by the 2nd Amendment, so taking their guns is a crime. The 666 mafia would like to go door to door to force toxic vaccines on everyone, because Bill Gates believes he can reduce the population by about 30% with forced vaccines, but they are afraid of the guns. (I teach Christians that guns are to protect those who don't know how to pray, and know that God will hear them.) The 666 mafia would like to take our dollars and change all money to digital currency, that can be deleted and controlled totally by computer from a distance. Have you noticed that credit cards systems are turned off during emergencies? The only thing that works during those emergencies is real dollars. The 666 mafia would like to put the USA under the satanic International Laws. The 666 mafia wants an international tax system, and with a 666 tattoo number with a RFID chip. There is no provision in the US Constitution that allows indefinite detention in FEMA detention camps, but many of those camps are open and ready for prisoners. And, no – anyone the 666 mafia team kidnaps will not get a speedy trial. Also, the CFR who owns the chemtrails planes, sprays toxins to stop the rains, or to flood the crops (if that’s the plan), or to spray the lab-made viruses that they are so proud of, or to spray acidic or salty concoctions or heavy metals that are toxic to our nervous system, or spraying things they hope will alter the DNA of plants and people. That’s the same evil murderous crew who sells Round-Up and genetically modifies seeds and sues small farmers. Those GMO seeds damage humans from the inside, but they give it false names and a good sales pitch. Are all these things illegal? Yes, those things are illegal, we didn’t vote for it. The CFR team remotely controls those chemtrails planes from their “super secret” high-tech CIA facility in the “other DC” Denver CO. If someone like Bill Gates pays money to the USAMRIID to develop a deadly virus, and then releases that virus on the population several times using their chem trail planes, and if it kills anyone; is that called murder? Yes. Is murder a punishable crime? Yes. Read Genesis 6.


The important question is: can the 666 banker-military mafia suspend the US Constitution for a few months or permanently? No, that is impossible without an agreement from everyone. All of the Christians and citizens in the USA are holders of that US Constitution, we still hold that covenant. Someday in the future, after the rapture, and during the 7 year tribulation/great tribulation the US Constitution will be canceled. How? Most of the people left in the world will sign a “peace and safety” agreement with the devil in 1 Thessalonians 5:3. That agreement will be with the devil possessed anti-Christ; Daniel 9:27 “...he shall confirm a covenant with many for 7 years. The same thing in Revelation 6:1-2 “...a white horse... had a bow (but no arrows) and he went out conquering and to conquer.” The anti-Christ will be forceful to get signatures from everyone left on the earth. The majority of the world will sign and accept the “peace and safety” agreement . That will officially reject their nation's rule of law, and also they will reject God's rule in the world. They will accept the devil possessed anti-Christ as their government. Those people will not understand their error, but the devil will murder 25% of them in Revelation 6:1-8. They are shocked at so many murders in verse 10 “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who took over the earth”. Why didn't God stop so many murders? They made that agreement to accept it. But “We the people...” have not given up our US Constitution.


Are you a USA citizen? Romans 13 puts you in a God given position, you have authority from God, to enforce the US Constitution. What are you going to do about those violations? Did you say 'I do not know what to do'?. OK, how much have you prayed about those crimes? Do you know of some secret crimes, and those who are doing them? If so you need to speak out against that evil. When you pray, are you expecting God to move against evil, or do you hope maybe God will answer? Another thing you can do is search through the news for propaganda lies and tell others what you saw. Or you can write some opinions against things you have seen. You can share this article with your friends.


The 666 mafia is talking about letting the Churches get together for Resurrection Sunday. If they do, it is only for tricks: The FEMA clergy needs to confuse Christians about Roman 13, or some people say that if the virus spreads more after that Sunday, the virus must be the Christians' fault. No, the 666 mafia, also called the CFR paid to develop that virus, and the instruction manual released more than a year ago. Proof: look at how 1,700 powerful corporate executives resigned from their corporation in the last 12 months. They resigned and cashed in their stocks for money, because they knew this false flag was scheduled for now. How did 1,700 corporate executives know about this virus and the 5G phone system? Why are so many Hollywood actors going to hide in their underground hideaways? Does that warn us that we haven't seen the end of their secret plans yet?


As you see evil government leaders do evil, speak out against it. And pray hard that they get caught and prosecuted or rightly sued to stop their evil. And anyone who is trying to bypass and violate the US Constitution can also be prosecuted and should never be trusted in government again. When the righteous turn off sin, watch and pray, and speak out against and oppose evil, God hears and acts using them to lead against the evil –  “judge evil” John 7:24, “expose evil” Ephesians 5:11-13, “oppose evil” 2Corinthians 5:18-20.


~ Watching, Preaching, Praying, the INCPU News team