MacArthur WCS Speech – Short


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John MacArthur is a word-smith; he is a master at using words to manipulate people’s actions without them even realizing that the justification was false or without realizing that there is any problem at all. This political speech – it cannot be called a sermon – for this Western “Conservative” Summit has several prominent threads in it that were shocking in light of the fact that it was spoken in support of Donald Trump at an event where Donald Trump was speaking also. And the distortion of Scripture is so obvious that even MacArthur’s students can see that he intentionally broke the context in several of the most basic ways. Donald Trump is a Jesuit Vatican “public relations agent” carefully selected by Jesuit Pope Francis’ archbishops for us. Jesuits are the psychological operations para-military wing of the Vatican that overthrows governments, starts wars, and creates chaos and confusion so that the Pope and Jesuit General can silence their opposition and any resistance movements in what they believe to be their territory. And since the United States is considered a “Christian” nation and has so many legislative, judicial, and executive positions filled by Catholics and since the Vatican sees themselves as the Christ-appointed (truthfully is just satan-appointed) head of the Catholic (which means Universal – meaning all Christians world-wide) “Church”, they feel that we are included in their territory and that there is opposition to their authority that they need to crush.

MacArthur knows the reputations of Trump’s secretly Jesuit network working hand in hand with The Heritage Foundation-selected Trump Administration Religious Advisory Council that is full of Free-mason and Jesuit power-players who are trying to force us to submit to the Vatican and trying to reverse the Reformation – see their bios here


John MacArthur takes a Jesuit and Rosicrucian approach to Romans 13 (in a different sermon), that God hand-selects each ruler, even if it’s the anti-christ: "Now listen to this. It doesn't matter whether your ruler is Caesar, Herod, Pilate, Felix, Festus, Agrippa, Stalin, Hitler, Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton; it doesn't matter who it is. He says be subject; you teach them to be subject." In another sermon in 2011 on the topic of Romans 13:1, MacArthur says exactly what I’ve been pointing out – that he is telling us to submit to Trump’s “higher power” (a euphemism used equally for God and for Anti-christ): “The first responsibility is to be subject to the higher powers.” In that same sermon, MacArthur also said, “We are way down the path in a post-Christian America.” So you can see how MacArthur sets us true followers of Christ to be blamed for America’s collapse, while knowing full well that this is all staged drama to blame God because even the anti-christ under this lying interpretation would be “appointed by God”, which would make God guilty of all of that evil. Our Heavenly Father makes the structures of authority to keep people in check, and He keeps those systems in check through his followers’ obedience to the truth while preaching. But God does not appoint anti-christ’s to destroy the earth. That is an evil accusation against our Lord and God.

So let’s look at how MacArthur supports this hostile take-over. Here is MacArthur wanting to pray one of David’s blessings over Donald Trump.
“David prayed a prayer in Psalm 72 over Solomon; here is his prayer: ‘Give the kingdom your judgments, O God, and your righteousness to the king’s son. May he judge your people with righteousness and your afflicted with justice. Let the mountains bring peace to the people and the hills in righteousness. May he vindicate the afflicted of the people, save the children of the needy, and crush the oppressor. Let them fear you while the sun endures and as long as the moon throughout all generations. In his days may the righteous flourish and there be an abundance of peace.’ That was a prayer of David over his son, Solomon.”

Here is MacArthur in his closing statements saying we needed to bow to Jesus Whom MacArthur pretends had selected Trump by His sovereign will to rescue us. Notice how deceptive and blurry this “call to action” is, since MacArthur knows very well that it’s just a call – not to action but rather – to submit to those Vatican Jesuit agents and MacArthur’s friends in The Heritage Foundation who chose Trump: “But what about nations? What do we do? We kiss the Son. We acknowledge God – the true God. We acknowledge His Annointed – the Son. We bow: that’s the only hope for us as a nation. What that does is put the responsibility to call this nation to God, squarely on the back of believers and believing churches – many of whom have abandoned their responsibility.”

MacArthur builds this entire speech on the teaching and life of James Charles Ryle, a Bishop of the Church of England. The Church of England is a copy of the Roman Catholic Babylonian false religion power that has controlled European emperors and monarchic dynasties for almost 1700 years now. John F. MacArthur has influential free-mason Scottish family roots [General Douglas MacArthur and John D. MacArthur are in that extended family]. And he knows quite well that the “Church” that Bishop Ryle represented as appointed Bishop is attached to parliament. In fact, the upper house of parliament of the United Kingdom has twenty-six of the highest bishops of the Church of England “Lords Spiritual” directing its decisions along with 675 “Lords Temporal” who are all appointed by the Queen of England herself as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. The remaining 91 Lords are hereditary – meaning from royalty families of England who have been faithful to corrupt power. British atheist, actor, and gay-marriage icon Stephen Frye makes an interesting argument that England has remained solidly secular and resistant to Jesus’ authority and righteousness by its polarized program of that cruel marriage of hypocritical “Church of England” with its House of Lords. The only thing we would add to that is the primary effect of chasing most Christians out of England, and silencing many more under the clutter of confusion. Again, this principle is built on what the Holy Roman Empire was, except that by the 1600’s this program was being used to subdue entire Protestant nations like England, Moravia, Baltic States, and Scandinavian countries, and later – America. That is the example that is being imposed on us in America who were established as colonies ruled by England on behalf of European Catholic powers who wanted to get the Protestant and Separatist Christians (and eventually also Jewish families) out of Europe.

J. C. Ryle was educated at Eton College and the evil Jesuit/Freemason partnership University of Oxford through a scholarship from Christ Church Oxford. Ryle was a Craven Scholar in the Oxford honors society for philosophy and ancient history. Ryle intended to join the parliament as soon as he could, but was hindered by his father’s bankruptcy, which instead led him to become assistant to the clergy of the Church of England. Later in life Ryle was a prominent speaker at Cambridge and Oxford. Bishop Ryle was appointed Bishop of Liverpool where he presided for the last eleven years of his life – by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in 1880 who had led the Young England party in the 1830’s-1840’s – based on similar principles to the Oxford Movement and Evangelical Movement, many of whose members wanted a strong High Church clergy attached to the political powers, and wanted to imitate Roman Catholic programs as one of three branches of the Catholic Church – Eastern Orthodox Church being the third branch. Disraeli was also a member of the Carlton club of the Tory party who helped another member Arthur Balfour, thirty years later to partner with Lord Walter Rothschild to limit the Jewish people moving back to Israel from around the world, which had started gaining momentum in the early 1800’s. Disraeli himself worked with Nathan Rothschild in the negotiations with Paris over the use of the Suez Canal for India trade shipping. In his book Lothair, Disraeli debates the values of the Church of England [church-state partnership which is actually a deceptive mimick of the RCC], Roman Catholic Church [church acting through the state though it was usually disguised different ways], and Radicalism [church separated from state though a lot of the movement still partners with the RCC agendas]. He concludes with his own personal perspective of Church of England as the best approach to politics and religion in civil society.

Perhaps the biggest admission in this whole speech is the moment where MacArthur admits that England is spiritually silent because of the combined Church/State – or a “wasteland” is how he refers to it. Except, MacArthur makes this admission only after quoting Ryle in a way that would make it sound like England had suffered these consequences as a result of separating the “Church” from the State, which did not happen. MacArthur quotes J. C. Ryle’s threats on behalf of the Jesuit Episcopal spiritual mafia about what they would do to the people of England if they ever separate the Church from the State. In reality, it was centuries of those types of threats that chased believers out of England and silenced many others, which was the cause of the supposed “wasteland” atmosphere. Here is that sequence: Bishop Ryle wrote extensively against those who wanted to separate the Christian Church from the State. He said the results would be disastrous. He said – and I’m quoting him: ‘The government of England would allow all of its subjects to serve God or Baal or go to Heaven or go to hell just as they please. The state would take no cognizance of spiritual matters and would look on with epicurean indifference and unconcern.’ Ryle went on: ‘In what manner God would punish England if English government casts off all connections with Him, I cannot say. Whether He would punish us by some sudden blow such as defeat in war and the occupation of our territory by a foreign power, whether He would waste away our people gradually and slowly by loss of commercial prosperity, whether He would break us to pieces by letting fools rule over us and allowing Parliament to obey them, whether He would ruin us by sending us a dearth of wise statesmen who wouldn’t be listened to. But one thing I am sure: the state that sows the seed of national neglect of God’, said Ryle, ‘will sooner or later reap a harvest of national disaster and national ruin.’ England today is a spiritual waste-land… a spiritual wasteland.”

How in the world is MacArthur – speaking through Ryle – blaming a nation of citizens or even somehow blaming the small minority of actual Christians for what the government’s sentiment is regarding salvation. MacArthur really wants to see this compromised Catholic-mimic marriage of “Church” and State as an ideal regardless of the actual spiritual consequences to a place like England and even more extensive spiritually destructive and deadly consequences in Europe. There is a point early in the speech where MacArthur even makes a parenthetical statement equating Church and State with God and government. Here is that quote: “The scope of J. C. Ryle’s influence is vast and his writings address even matters related to government and God (or the church and the state).” By this comparison using Bishop Ryle’s teaching regarding the Church of England, MacArthur makes God equal to the organized religious hypocrisy of the Church of England. Now that is shocking!


MacArthur says this in reference to if we were to “allow” Hillary to win. “All irreligious immoral governments will self-destruct in indifference to God and His Word. Such a society will be open to all religions, all moralities, all immoralities, all freedoms, all preferences, all opinions, all lies, all deceptions, all sins, all iniquities. It will lose control of everything. Chaos will begin to take over. The reprobate mind will dominate. Then you’ll end up with gender fluidity. Joshua 24:20 says, ‘If you forsake the Lord and serve foreign gods, then He will turn and do you harm and consume you after He has done good to you.’ ” Wow, how is MacArthur blaming any of that on followers of Christ? MacArthur quotes that Joshua Scripture out of context that he very well knows only applied to Israel. There are a lot of those Israel-only verses used out of context in this speech. I couldn’t even start to quote them all without taking space to reset those contexts, which would make this document even longer than it is. But if you listen to it especially the last half – it’s pretty obvious.

MacArthur tries to describe this process caused by one bad leader as a “national” version of Romans 1:18-32, which he knows only applies to individuals.
We’ve had our sexual revelation; our homosexual revelation; we are now fully in the category of the reprobate mind.”. Unbelievable… it’s like MacArthur is suggesting the term Revelation as if we are in an American start of the “Tribulation”, like as if those false prophecies of Christ’s return from guys like Pat Robertson and Jack Van Impe (see books, pamphlets and false prophecies such as "88 Reasons Jesus will return in 1988"... and then when that didn't happen, "89 Reasons Jesus will return in 1989" [a pamphlet that is now hidden and denied ever existed], etc). But since those false prophecies from many false prophets didn’t come to pass, these false teachers then pretend that therefore it was a "mistake" to believe that the rapture would be before the Tribulation. This would explain why MacArthur now teaches that he was wrong about the rapture being at Revelation 4:1 at the close of the Church Age – look up his study notes in his “MacArthur Study Bible” where he reverses what he previously said. This would also explain why MacArthur is saying Christians will be forced to take the mark of the beast (and supposedly still be Christian or elect-to-be-Christian), since he is now pretending that we are in or at the door of the Tribulation. Of course, this is like saying there was no world-wide flood, just a localized flood. But the final judgment, MacArthur knows will be by fire.

How is MacArthur pretending that we are tempted to serve foreign gods and/or the spirit of anti-christ (by taking the mark)? I think we all know that Allah is not a god nor is the anti-christ, but is actually satan who is the thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy as Muhammad did (though many of his followers do not do those things out of convenience or compassion and not understanding the history of their false religion). And this structure of threats regarding an American “Tribulation” could be why MacArthur ends the entire speech this way about fire judgment: “America is burning. The fire was lit by the rejection of God, His Word, His Son, His gospel. Idolatry and paganism is everywhere. And in judgment God has poured fuel on the fire, the fuel of divine wrath. Some politicians and educators and even pastors are fiddling while America is burning. The gospel is the only hope. We must preach and worship the one true God and the one true Savior – the Lord Jesus Christ. Peter said then judgment must begin where? At the house of God. It begins with us first. What will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel? There has to be repentance in the church if there’s going to be repentance in the nation. Thank you.

Now you know MacArthur is lying when he blames us for removing the moral education of our youth or any of the other things on this next list, because there is no way he thinks that is Christian parents doing that. He knows this is being done to us against our will by money criminals and top-CEO’s of global corporations, just as he knows we aren’t inviting Islam or Roman Catholicism to be our state religion married to the government. By the way, neither are the CIA or political elites or think-tanks inviting state religion; it’s just a threat to silence faith in Jesus. Again, MacArthur knows he is falsely accusing us on this:
“Removing the worship of the true God, the authority of His Word, the voice of His Church, the moral education of youth, and the elevation of the gospel is the path to national destruction.” This is what MacArthur really wants to have here in America with his “coalition” of Jesuits and Free-masons in politics, where his name would be known like J. C. Ryle. “Psalm 117:1 says, ‘Praise the Lord all you nations! Extol Him all you peoples!’ This begins with rulers and leaders, judges, representatives, senators, presidents, appointed people in cabinets.”

Here is MacArthur on the subject of foreign gods with the horrible suggestion that “we” who are followers of Christ destroyed/murdered the native Americans and that it was because of idolatry, but that “we” are now inviting Islam which would make American “Christians” fall into idolatry. Here is how MacArthur blames us – he talks about Israel destroying idolaters as if that were like the Spanish/English-led Indian massacres in America, then MacArthur gets more honest about what he is trying to say – that he sees America as the same as Israel and that he thinks it would be wise to threaten and remove idolaters. “Do you remember when the children of Israel went into the Promised Land? They were the weapon of God. And they were to destroy the idolaters, under a very unique calling. And then they were never to allow the worship of false gods or idols. In our desire to be free, in our rush to be all-embracing, we have filled the land with idols and idolaters – they come in en masse, and we will forfeit the full benefits of common grace.” John MacArthur is accusing Christians of allowing Islam via Barack Obama to take over and make itself equal to Christianity, rather than submitting to the Catholic Church who was pushing their friend John McCain partnering with “Pastor” Rick Warren – who wants to reverse the Reformation of the 1500’s – or their Mormon friend Mitt Romney – both who would supposedly have taken over on behalf of the Catholic “Church” and would have kept out the Muslims. Before that, their spokeperson George W. Bush – whom Billy Graham told everyone was a Christian – was a secret society skull-and-bones member whose grandfather worked for Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. who were funding Hitler’s programs in the 1930’s leading up to that the European Vatican Inquisition – called World War 2. Hitler was Catholic and was put in power by the help of the Zentrum Catholic party, the pope signed a concordat with Mussolini and Hitler, Goebbels went to a Jesuit college and seminary, and Heinrich Himmler who founded the Gestapo on Ignatius Loyola’s Jesuit “spiritual exercises” had a brother and father who were Catholic leaders and an uncle who was a Jesuit.


Well, now that America has supposedly been “infiltrated” by “world-dominating” Muslims, MacArthur is using this argument knowing that Trump is offering that if we would just allow the Vatican their “authority” over “their territory”, they would “kick out” the Muslims. And with this, he clearly throws his weight behind Donald Trump who on December 7, 2015 made a statement from a world war two aircraft carrier on the 74th anniversary of the “Japanese” Pearl Harbor attack. He said his proposal of how to deal with the Islamic “terrorists” was probably not “politically correct, but I don’t care.” That proposal which he released a few hours before his military drama was this: “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”. The implication included was setting up detention camps for Arabs/“extremists” like they did unnecessarily to Japanese families during World War 2, based on the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. Donald Trump would not be interning Muslims; he is threatening anyone who disagrees with Roman Catholic power struggles toward anti-christ new world order, especially honest Christians. It is all a game and an act and a threat to suppress preachers of the gospel.


So Donald Trump is MacArthur’s solution to stopping the Central Intelligence Agency-trained and weaponized Muslim “terror cells” of the historically Catholic-built religion of Islam. Look up that history of Muhammad’s family in Catholic sub-sects – his wife and uncle and Kadija’s cousin as well as Mohammed’s family history in Mecca as guardians of the ancient myths. Look up Catholic St. Augustine’s partnership and philosophical preparation for Islam through Catholic councils in the middle east and Africa with the Alexandrian, Roman, and Constantinople Pontiffs while working from the city of Hippo in Africa. Look up those Catholic sub-sect Nestorians in Saudi Arabia and their history with the Alexandrian and Constantinople Pontiffs for establishing the need for a fear-some opponent to Catholicism. That opponent was to be against the Jewish people and real Christians and was to conquer and hold Israel on behalf of Rome, which led to the blocking of centuries of Jewish families from settling there. They are an abuse tool of the Vatican to suppress Jewish people and true Christians. But rather than deal with the real problem of Jesuits who direct these games, MacArthur agrees with Donald Trump to expel all Muslims or questionable Arabs from this land as if this were not a controlled psy-ops project of the CIA to threaten American followers of Christ.

So MacArthur uses this Muslim/CIA psy-op to suggest of Christians that failing to support Trump – who MacArthur pretends would “worship” God – is equal to worship of demons.
“If you do not worship the one true God – you worship demons.” MacArthur repeats throughout the speech, the need for our “nation” (by which, he means our choice of this president) to “worship the One True God” as a “national duty to God”. MacArthur does for Trump, what Billy Graham did for George W. Bush – pretending that Donald Trump believes in the One True God. Donald Trump believes in the same god Hillary Clinton believes in – their “higher power”/”hidden hand” of Jesuit and free-mason lies, tricks, and mimicry. They literally believe themselves to be gods in their humanist religion which pretends to be more loving than God is supposedly capable of. Another similar thread MacArthur pulls through the whole speech – by which MacArthur makes the outrageous trap of requiring Christians to be responsible for whatever our government does through what MacArthur knows are dangerous Jesuit and Free-mason directed political games – is that “a nation’s obligation to God” is to recognize God, is to honor God, is to uphold the Biblical definition of good and evil, and control people with firm, even fatal, threats… or violations.” Donald Trump and the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic “Church” have absolutely no interest in justice or in “Biblical Christianity”. MacArthur says, “Bishop Ryle affirmed to his nation that ‘Biblical Christianity’, he said, ‘should be recognized nationally as the true religion, and Holy Scriptures established as the foundation of all moral law for the benefit of, the good of, the well-being of society.’ ” And with that, John MacArthur agrees with the Church of England conglomerate of Jesuits and masons and tries to get us to join a giant and deadly trick. Wait… is that what he said? In case it is unclear, in the next few minutes he made that statement about Ryle guarding the “Church” of England’s partnership with the government’s role of supposedly rewarding good and judging evil: “That is government’s calling. Bishop Ryle wrote extensively against those who wanted to separate the Christian Church from the State. He said the results would be disastrous.” With that myth, people’s faith is destroyed as they are taught that they cannot rely on Christ alone, and that they must compromise and violate their conscience by partnering with evil government as the Roman Catholics set the precedent for, because the rest of the nation “needs them” up there. This hatred of the truth that creates such confusion primarily hurts our Jewish neighbors as they are trying to rebuild their family and nation and who get confused by hostility coming from the “Church” of England like the abuse from Ryle’s friends and from American “Christian” Presidents and politics. We need to rebuke MacArthur sharply, and if he does not repent, he will be removed from Jesus’ Church.

MacArthur says “The chaos of the world, the chaos of a nation is always related to the rejection of God, His law, and His Son.” Well, we would normally attribute that chaos to free-mason (secret servants of the Jesuits) whose motto “Ordo ab chao” means “order out of chaos”. They create the chaos, then they create the new order afterward. And yes, they do reject God and His law and Jesus, but they also have clever ways of blaming God for their chaos as MacArthur is doing again here. And they are directing the “new world order” as admitted by George H. W. Bush Sr. in a speech on September 11, 1990 and in many speeches in the following year or two. Notice the significance of that day eleven years later September 11, 2001, when his sons George W. and Marvin Bush pulled off the biggest recent false flag on American soil in the controlled demolitions of two world trade towers and tower 7 in partnership with their Saudi big-oil connections. Donald Trump plays a prominent role in Sept. 11 also toward that anti-christ New World Order by adjusting and supporting the new design of the “One World Trade Center” – symbolic of a one-world society and one-world government. Larry Silverstein is a close friend of Donald Trump and is the owner of the the World Trade Center complex who got double terrorism insurance just a year before the controlled demolitions took place on 9/11. Silverstein is also the man who on live TV, said that they had to make the decision regarding Tower 7 to “pull it”, because it was too badly damaged. That phrase is used for controlled demolitions, which is what you clearly see happened afterward to the building.


This was the excuse needed to reshape things in the middle east toward a Middle East Union - one of seven or ten regional powers of the one-world government, which they are attempting to bring Israel into as a forced party. This is why Donald Trump was selected because of his partnerships with Muslims as shown by his $110 Billion agreement with Saudi Arabia’s King Salmon at Doha, Qatar – headquarters of both the U.S. Central Command [military] and the U.S. Islamic World Forum which partners with Joel Hunter – Barack Obama’s religious advisor. MacArthur tries to blame the chaos of the world on God, because he doesn’t know the one true God who is NOT the author of this confusion. It is the devil who has been a liar and murderer from the beginning. And in regard to American – not Christians – government and Jesuits and free-masons welcoming Islam to be an equal religion with the Catholic “Church”, we have no part in that. We will therefore not be punished by God for it as MacArthur suggests; nor is the solution MacArthur’s trick of supporting Jesuit Donald Trump (and previously George W. Bush) to supposedly “fight” those CIA-trained “terrorists”. When it was asked of Jesus whether to call down fire on the Samaritans who did not let Him pass through one time, Jesus’ response was “You do not know what Spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.” - Luke 9:55-56. MacArthur has said in a past interview that more than 50% of his church are former Catholics because many are from Mexico. So he welcomes them and preaches the gospel to them. But somehow he can’t apply the same gospel principle for the Muslims coming over here?


The normal rate of merging societies or introducing societies and cultures is incredibly slow and more honest. When the process gets rushed like it is in post-modern culture, it does cause some mistakes and compromise on the part of Christians, which is why the satanic elite think-tanks like this test. That makes it where faithful servants of Christ also have less ability to change the approaching culture by teaching truth and correcting error and by changing hearts by their hearing the preaching of the gospel of Jesus unto salvation. Otherwise, it gets a little overwhelming with so many new ideas and awkward or nervous conversations happening all the time. But we who are followers of Christ certainly should not be offended so much that we hide rather than meeting new people from other perspectives, even if it is rushed. And we should not be threatening our neighbors in any country or in this country. It is an opportunity for more people to hear the gospel from our perspective. And God helps us do our best to keep the gospel true through the gauntlet when that happens.


MacArthur doesn’t only use threats and accusations to convince us to vote for Trump. He also uses enticements. “Is there any hope? There is. In Psalm 81, God said, ‘I am the Lord your God – open your mouth wide and I’ll fill it. But my people didn’t listen to My voice.’ (They didn’t obey Me.)” (John MacArthur inserts himself speaking for God on this statement – “they didn’t obey me” – rather than “they didn’t obey God”. If you’re not familiar with scoffers and freemason tactics, you wouldn’t recognize that. This is a super-clever communication tactic to back up MacArthur’s command to obey his “coalition”. This is tried and true Vatican tactics that have been used for centuries.) “ ‘So I gave them over to the stubbornness of their heart to walk after their own devices. (That’s Romans 1.) Oh that My people would listen to Me, and would walk in My ways. I would quickly subdue their enemies, turn My hand against their adversaries. I would feed you with the finest of the wheat and with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.’ That’s even economic flourishing for a nation that turns to God and hears His Word. National blessing comes to those that listen to God. And we who speak for Him must speak loudly and faithfully.” (There he goes again, now he is clearly saying that he is speaking for God in trying to coerce us into voting for who the “coalition” says we should vote for. Another Vatican tactic – enticing us with Trump’s supposed ability to bring back national prosperity. Is there another way to understand this than as an endorsement for Trump?)


But the truth is that this is all the extent of an extreme test by free-masons and Jesuits to build a “Christian” empire into the anti-christ new world order. Or if we reject it, then they will try to allow it to appear to collapse as if that is the natural outcome of faith in Jesus as a “national culture”. That’s the two options in any Inquisition by the Roman Catholic Church through the last several centuries. Many Christians are forced to flee, many people are silenced, many people are killed usually because everyone has been turned against one another in the country without understanding who is pulling the strings. The first of the two options is an extreme extension of the already bad Church-replacing-Israel theology that intends to make America (like Europe was supposed to be) a secular mock of historic Israel and at the same time mocks the people of Israel as supposedly rejected by God. MacArthur keeps suggesting the use of “God’s moral law” by the government, which would be a lie. I’m sure MacArthur would be willing to concede to some exceptions in Moses’ law for a Gentile nation, such as the sacrificial laws, the laws regarding the tribe of Levi, the requirement to not marry people of foreign nations, the laws regarding ownership of property, the laws regarding tithes to the Temple, and all sorts of other laws that don’t apply to Gentile nations… such as the Sabbath, for example, which is one of the original Ten, by the way. We make that point so you realize how absurd the concept is that he is requiring of the Christian small minority of the country as if we will be responsible for the collapse of our country if we don’t make our government conform to the law of the Old Covenant. He is trying to require us to define and write a law for secular governments who rule over Christian people in Gentile nations, and he is trying to get us to enforce that law on the government and on the secular people who have not chosen to obey Jesus as their Lord and Savior. But again the apostles in Jerusalem already addressed this issue of laws for Gentiles in Acts 15, and that law was only written to Gentile followers of Christ, not to their heads of government. That document in Acts 15:28-29 says this: “For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things: that you abstain from things offered to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you keep yourselves from these, you will do well. Farewell.” Acts 15:28-29


But MacArthur knows quite well and even preaches that the wrath of man is not capable of producing the righteousness of God as the Scriptures say in James 1:19-20, and that the law cannot produce salvation and was never the intended goal of Jesus, though MacArthur suggests it should be ours. The law could only keep a form of righteousness in the Gentile nations by its influence upon them through the example of the Jewish nation until Christ could be revealed as explained in multiple places in Scripture, most clearly in Romans and Galatians. MacArthur and all of his friends who are of the belief of “Christian Reconstructionism” and “Kingdom Dominionism” etc. are attempting to use America to force God to establish His Kingdom before the time. Even worse, they are trying to force God to establish His Kingdom in the wrong place. And worse still, all of this is to create an abusive anti-christ world-government system as a straw-man argument against Christ being allowed to be a King, by making the people of the world hate the concept - and MacArthur knows that quite well. MacArthur’s family history, friendships, and education background show that he knows what this trick is that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are playing games with. MacArthur was trained by a kabbalist rabbi which doctrine teaches that God does not want a Jewish state in Israel and that they are supposed to be scattered throughout the nations so as to be a light unto the nations. MacArthur was trained by Rabbi Charles L. Feinberg at Talbot Theological Seminary who was raised in an orthodox (kabbalistic) jewish community and graduated from the Hebrew Institute of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh on his way toward becoming a rabbi, when at the age of twenty-one he met people from Chosen People Ministries and switched to “Christianity”. He got his Masters and Doctorate in Theology from the free-mason compound at Dallas Theological Seminary, then went on to Southern Methodist University and then a Ph.D. in Archeology and Semitic (Hebrew/Aramaic/Arabic/Syriac) languages at Johns Hopkins University in 1945 with a thesis titled “Canaanite Influence on the Language of Job”. The President at Johns Hopkins 1935-1948 was very anti-semitic, and there was a significant anti-semitic sentiment on campus, which Feinberg learned from and acquired a doctoral degree from tainting Jewish history with Canaanite influence as many anti-semitic writers do. Feinberg was also engaged in later years with the American Schools of Oriental Research at Jerusalem and Baghdad. This is the guy that Jack MacArthur – who was prominent in the Hollywood Christian network with Billy Graham and Henrietta Mears – personally asked to mentor his son for ministry in the 1960’s.


The purpose of MacArthur’s stack of arguments as a prominent “conservative evangelical Christian preacher” speaking to “Christian” politicians here is really just to keep Christians from correcting/rebuking the current corrupt authorities outside of the broken methods approved by our “religious” rulers like MacArthur  – such as completely rigged elections and dangerous political partnerships with Jesuits and free-masons. If we corrected authorities by open and honest preaching and correction – as John the Baptizer did regarding Herod – and by setting strong examples of godly community and obedient lives, it would do what is necessary for the spiritual health of the people around our nation. But their individual change of heart and life will still be their own decision, and no attempt at making laws and no selection of a particular government official is going to change that. In regard to personal salvation in the conclusion of his speech, MacArthur says, “What do we do? Well, as individuals we turn to Christ… we turn to Christ – the only hope of our personal salvation. ‘Whoever doesn’t love the Lord Jesus Christ’ – 1 Corinthians 16:22 says, ‘Let him be damned.’ ” Is this what MacArthur thinks happens to those who don’t support Trump? That is a very Vatican thing to say in the middle of a political speech like this. They have always used this kind of threat against those who won’t support their centuries-long “coalition” in Europe.


John MacArthur is trying to make Christians focus on politics instead of the gospel. He knows the law cannot save, but his oaths to these free-mason/Jesuit networks require him to preach as J. C. Ryle did for his state owned “church” in England. MacArthur knows that the Jesuits and masons firmly control the world’s politics in every nation right now which makes it a dangerous situation to partner with. But besides that it is dishonest to the gospel of Jesus Christ for Christians to pretend or try to force people to change by the laws of a country. Rather Jesus’ gospel is God giving of a new heart to – only individual people, not to countries – who receive repentance and salvation through gospel ministry based on faith in Jesus alone. Therefore there is no such thing as a “national obligation”, because no country consists of only Christians (or even a simple majority of Christians) who are “obligated” – as MacArthur pretends real Christians have to be reminded of – to elect a president who will “worship the one true God”. Even that shows MacArthur’s hypocrisy; he’s pretending that he has to remind Christians to obey the first commandment to love God – but in a twisted way by forcing a hypocrite in office who will pretend to love God. MacArthur says this: Therefore the great commandment expressed in Deut 6:5 and repeated by our Lord in the gospels is this: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength.” With all your capacities you love the one true God. That love fulfills – says the apostle Paul – the entire law. The true worship of the true God singularly and comprehensively is fundamental to life and blessing. And again, we’re not speaking of personal salvation in this context, but national, temporal well-being, generation after generation enjoying – I like to put it this way – the fullness of common grace, by collectively acknowledging the true God and the law of the true God.”


As the Scriptures say in many places – we are pilgrims and rejected folks in a foreign territory. We are not rulers – as if the Western Hemisphere is already God’s Kingdom which is totally unscriptural if you understand Jesus’ Revelation. Jesus while He was still on earth said His Kingdom was from above – Heaven, which was why Jesus’ servants – angels – were not fighting for Him – John 18:36. This is expressed again when Paul explains that we wrestle not with flesh and blood – Ephesians 6:10-12 and again when Jesus says not to look here or there for the kingdom of God, because that kingdom is in our hearts as individual believers – Luke 17:20-24 – not on a national level. Our leaders in government do not represent our faith in the one true God – even if they weren’t the usurpers that have been running American government for the last several decades. In reality, they have been building the international anti-christ/new world order system right here in America first as the testing grounds before taking it fully to the world – usurping the rightful God-established foundational authority of the Constitution of the United States of America. And thus, they would attempt to blame the devil’s future Tribulation assault and tyrannical one-world government on Christ and on His Church in America, as if we wanted to build this. This is clearly just a ploy to try to get actual Christians to discredit themselves and be judged for voting for such an evil-doer as Donald Trump. It is a free-mason power-play to get us to judge ourselves and remove ourselves from spiritual authority over Jesus’ church, so that abusive lords like John MacArthur and his ecumenical friends – the mason’s hidden hand – can continue their attempt to destroy the work of building the real church that Jesus is doing. In case it isn’t obvious, Jesus is building His Church and these weak boundaries built on lies will not prevail in keeping souls from faith in the gospel – of those who refuse to submit to the devil.


MacArthur hates God. At one point early in the speech, he refers to God as the “Great Ultimate Cause” – which would even blame God for the spirit of anti-christ as he has done in this speech. You may not recognize this if you don’t listen closely and regularly to atheists, but this really is just a free-mason’s clever way of placing blame for all problems on God. In MacArthur’s case, he does make a partially rightful judgment based on 1 Peter 4:16-18, when he says: Peter said then judgment must begin where? At the house of God. It begins with us first.” However, this is not justification for the physical and psychological and spiritual threats that Trump and his “coalition” – which includes John MacArthur – are making. MacArthur continues this thread of logic when he quotes Deuteronomy 32 about judging/correcting families until they reject the sins their grandparents and great grandparents held, which is true, but then MacArthur runs off the tracks after that. He continues it with the poor translation of Isaiah 45 making God responsible for “calamity” and “darkness”. And MacArthur continues it with defining God’s wrath in Romans 1 as being a national scale – rather than on each individual – as if God has, throughout history, been actively dropping nations into sexual revolution, then homosexual revolution, then reprobrate mind which MacArthur then defines as the mind no longer functioning. Then MacArthur continues it with J. C. Ryle’s hypotheses about how God will destroy England if they separate the Episcopal/Anglican “church” from the State government of England. Then he continues it with blaming God for the Jesuit Catholic – which Donald Trump is – cruel and long attempts to direct governments and pretending that their intention is to recognize God, is to honor God, is to uphold the Bibical definition of good and evil, and control people with firm, even fatal, threats… or violations.”


Then he continues it at the very end with blaming God for America “burning”, as he suggests that God is “pouring fuel on the fire” – which sounds entirely like a reference to the massive wildfires they are experiencing in MacArthur’s home state of California during the last twelve years and in Hawaii and in recent past in Texas, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah. There are a lot of threats in this speech in clever form and obscured with Biblical language, but it concerns us that there are so many of them. It also concerns us that he makes such a noticeable statement about fire, and we wonder if this is something that should be watched as a larger threat than it is currently. There’s not enough to go on here; but if something further is expressed more clearly in the future, maybe we can be prepared to call out those threats more quickly.


After all this talk of judgment, you could wonder if he hasn’t been preaching to Christians this whole time – (sarcastic comment here) maybe this was a sermon for unbelieving government officials. Interesting… do unbelievers listen to sermons? Oh wait, that’s not what he’s doing; he’s speaking on a Sunday to the conservative summit sponsored by Colorado Christian University and their Centennial Institute which trains young “Christians” for politics. And he is not preaching the gospel to them. So if he was trying to address the unbelievers, you would think there would be some of that in there, rather than just political how-to-control-people-talk while using a Bible and making a pretense of Jesuit government that “worships” the one true God. Two more quotes jump out at us at this point and they are both as short and simple as our response is.


“The gospel is the only hope. We must preach and worship the one true God and the one true Savior – the Lord Jesus Christ.” Our response: We do.


“Proverbs 29:2 ‘When a wicked man rules, the people groan.’ ” Our response: We are.



We would not want to have to explain to God what this speech was supposed to be about, nor would we give this speech to a bunch of Christians and/or who claim to be Christians who are thinking about supporting an evil-doer for President – a man who is speaking at the very same event.


That is the end of our review of MacArthur’s speech; it cannot be called a sermon. John MacArthur will have to explain a lot of accusations and threats against the church that are attempting to block the gospel. He will have to give account for the “coalition” that he is friends with through his high-level free-mason heritage that he has refused to repent from and even boasts about. And he will have to give account for trying to force the “church” to bow before satan’s anti-christ new world order system at a time when we are already weak and trying our best to stand for the gospel through a difficult testing that has come on America. There are many other things he may have to explain that may include accomplice to murder and even perhaps accomplice to mass-murder depending on what Trump’s “coalition” tries to do, but he knows what those sins are and we don’t. John MacArthur needs to step down and stop pretending to be a pastor. He needs to stop trying to speak for Christians who think they should conform to the expectations of America’s “protestant” “evangelicals”. He needs to stop giving evil speeches with threats from Vatican agents. And he needs to stop destroying missionary work overseas by his games with one world religion organizations like Baptist World Alliance – a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization and with the Jaeb family – Lorena Jaeb was Governor of the Council for National Policy – and with supporting Ryle’s Church of England oppression of our Jewish neighbors, and a long list of other assaults on the church. We hope our fellow believers will hear this and help show who John MacArthur really is. And most of all, we need to stop letting MacArthur pretend to still be a faithful pastor. It’s really a saddening part of American history, but the truth has stacked up about him and his family and friends.


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