Kirk Cameron (2018)


Kirk was excited about Russell Crowe's movie "Noah"... wow! Wrong answer.

"... I'm really excited about what I see coming out of the Christian movie industry," the actor told The Christian Post. "There's independent films coming out all over the place. You look at movies like 'The Passion of the Christ,' the Noah movie that's coming out with Russell Crowe... Movies like 'Fireproof' and 'Courageous' which have done phenomenally well. It's very exciting to see a new wave of young filmmakers come out with a biblical world view. They have an understanding of the Gospel and how to tell stories. They have the technology and equipment that's so affordable that it's all beginning to look fantastic...."



Rick Warren Hopes His Partnership With Roman Catholic Leader Will Become ‘Model’ for World



Kirk doing an interview (of several) with Vatican outlet "Broken Halo" (leading his followers back to Rome)


I find I can't always agree with Mr. Howse, but he does raise an interesting question - why did Kirk Cameron call Glenn Beck a brother? Does he not know that Glenn is a mormon, and proud of it?.. or does Liberty and Kirk think that's not important?... I don't know ~ but it sure raises some questions...



Kirk working with Glenn Beck to advertise Monumental



But, since we first referenced that article, we have gained a more clear understanding - Kirk is secretly doing a lot of things he doesn't publicly admit. Even at Liberty University, he's doing a lot behind the scenes toward ecumenical unity - or the uniting of all religions, so his working with Vatican leaders and mormons, actually makes sense - it's just evil.



Kirk was going to have 2 very bad false teachers on his "Revive Us" (1) show... but then changed his mind. For Kirk to invite James MacDonald and Eric Metaxas shows that he's at least somewhat friends with them... so, why pull back? Image? Caught? We don't know...



Kirk at Liberty (though he works very much behind the scenes and they seem to scrub his name)



Kirk setting up Cinema program at Liberty

> you can find a lot of evidence in this Liberty Convocation by Kirk Cameron (other quotes have been taken down to hide the connection)




Liberty working openly with the Vatican

> Former Liberty University VP Raises Concern After Calling for Meeting With ‘Your Holiness’ to Unite Evangelicals, Catholics


Liberty held all-faiths/religions "prayer" service


And again -


Liberty let Glenn Beck "preach"


Other leaders leading to Rome


Kirk leading people into idolatry - in contradiction to honest history



Kirk's movies

“Unstoppable” -


“Monumental” -


Quotes showing Kirk and David revisioning history - plain open, bold-face lies


“Grace Card” -

“Saving Christmas”-


"Saving Christmas" transcribed


Kirk's "Connect" film