Research links collection on the good ole boys that run the Baptists, Reformed, and other very conservative groups.


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The top web-link is the source, and the bottom web-link is the repost, because in our 15+ years of researching and reporting on all types of subjects, many links and sources have gone missing. And in keeping with “fair use” rules (by the NWO-run govt), we are not adding to their words, merely quoting them. Nor are we making any money on any of these things – we are merely reporting them. ~ We intend to, as the Lord wills, update this from time to time with more research from our team and others. ~ Thank you so much for your prayers and teamwork and fellowship in the Bible (Word of God). ~ Sincerely, the FEDBP team.


Al Mohler and his good friend Rick Warren (a very bad partnership)


John MacArthur with his long-time friend Al Mohler


Cowardice or Hypocrisy? John MacArthur and Albert Mohler


Two UN Change Agents - Al Mohler and Mark Dever


John MacArthur and Al Mohler: Their Hearts are Revealed by Their Endorsement of CJ Mahaney






John MacArthur lying for Billy Graham – caught.


Deceptions: Graham, Peale & Schuller


Hidden satanists among the CCM – music industry of “Christian music”


Mason-run JBS – John Birch Society


Freemasonry in the Southern Baptist Church


Southern Baptist Entity Head Admonishes Christians to Read Pro-Gay Author


List of UN NGOs of interest and some of how they work


Al Mohler led/organized one of the last Billy Graham “crusades” (there were 7 to 10 “last Billy Graham Crusades”)


Russell Moore's ERLC: Change Agents of the United Nations


MacArthur and MLK?


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Al Mohler caught lying to cover for  CJ Mahaney


Jerry Falwell and “gay” leaders meet to “reduce rhetoric” (1999)


All “denomination” leaders as well as religion leaders are working together with Rome – at the top


Joel Hunter and his friends (RC Sproul, etc)


James White goes ecumenical


John MacArthur caught pushing demonic psychology instead of the Bible for “counseling”


John MacArthur rejects correction – why?


David Jeremiah’s NWO alliances caught


John MacArthur caught adding to Jesus’ teachings and words on the Parable of the Prodigal Son


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Editor’s Notes: My brother, Paul, did a report on a resource highly recommended by John MacArthur and yet this man, Ralph Gower, falsely accuses the Jewish people multiple times - twists and adds to events in Scripture to make the Jewish people sound like radical muslims, while praising the muslims as a better example. He also contradicts God's Word many times, cleverly insults God continuously, and uses the "criticizing the Bible" approach (called "textual criticism"). Moody Bible Institute, Moody Press, John MacArthur, David Jeremiah, and whatever other seminaries promote this book need to stop, and stop soon! ~ Watching, Preaching, Praying, your growing bro, SH with FEDBP ministry

P.S. There is a long and short version of this book report. Short one is 10 pages or so, the long one is 21 pages or so. If you have any questions or would like more info, please ask. ~ SH

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John MacArthur's masonry family


Evidence of Billy Graham being a freemason



Be Careful of the Golden Calf





Billy Graham = mason


Billy-Graham-friends.jpg  billy-graham-freemason-book.jpg





John MacArthur and his long-time good friend Billy Graham


John MacArthur lying to cover for his good long-time friend Billy Graham


Russell Moore and Andy Stanley at ERLC 2016 – replace Scripture with “evidence” of resurrection


John MacArthur and serious problems with his youth camps


Direct Quotes + Short Notes

RC Sproul






Connectivity webs

One World Religion Leaders


Al Mohler Network – part1


Kirk Cameron’s Network


John Hunter’s Network


John MacArthur’s network


Original connectivity web from 2015


Explanation of the connectivity web with lots of links in the bibliography